Techie Tidbits

Term 4 Weeks 3-4


This blog is a good one to have on your reading list. Ideas and information related to HSIE. You can access Newsletters for each term with information and resources and subscribe to the blog.

Note: this link may only work at school (then bookmark it or email the link to yourself), or you may need to be logged onto the portal.

The Internet

This is an interesting site that explains how the internet came about and how it works with a series of maps. It also shows information like:

* how Facebook took over the world

* which countries restrict social media

* data centres and silicone valley

Not all information is appropriate for students (there is a map about pornography viewing by state) and it is USA based, but it is worth a look even for your own curiosity.

Also, you might like to explore other links to maps that explain other topics.


Find and get over 390,861,914 Australian and online resources:
books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more.

I found the images and newspapers the most useful- can be viewed online

Global Education

This website is one to save in your favourites. It has videos, pictures and links to teaching resources that would be useful for teaching students about other cultures and global issues.

Great for Stage 3- learning about Asia, however there are resources for younger students also.

Web 2.0 Tool- GLOGSTER

I know some teachers have already used Glogster with their students, but here is a video introduction and some examples of how it can be used.

Note: It is not free. $39 for a teacher subscription for 1 year.

Big image
Virtual Posters with Glogster