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The idea for this newsletter has been percolating in my brain for quite some time. I've been wanting to create a space where kids and teachers can share their love of all things written. Although we will have a space for book reviews, I also hope to see original stories, poems and art submitted by our very talented students and teachers. I'm going to get our story going with highlights from this year's Nevada Reading Week, March 14-18.

Nevada Reading Week 2016

A Week of Fun!

Yes! Five full days of celebrating READING!

* No video gaming in the Library during breakfast. Anyone caught reading got a chocolatey treat! And everyone survived!

* We had a Mystery Reader every morning!

* Bookmark Contest for most original design per grade. We had about 30 kids participate, The Grand Prize for each grade was a gift card to the movies. All participants received a jumbo size box of candy.

* Digital Photo Booth Day! Lots of Superheroes in the Library!

* Poetry Slam! We had so many kids step up to the mic to read!

* Star Wars bingo was a lot of fun and had great prizes!

* A different spirit day every day!

* A tired but happy Librarian :)

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Our First Ever Bookmark Design Contest Winners!

We had 30 kids participate in our contest- they really wanted to win the Regal Movie Gift card! In the end, only one winner PER GRADE was chosen. Here they are! Congratulations, and thank you to all the kids who participated!