Willemstad times

september, 1946

Welcome to another Willemstad Times news paper. Here is where the articles are :

interview with Phillip the blind boy(just below) , obituray of Timothy (next down) national news(under the obituary) and weather

local news and obituarys

blind boy lost at sea is found , his story awates

WT: So Phillip, how did all this come to be?

Phillip: My Mom and I were getting on the ship called the "SS.HATO" to move back to Virgina. and we were torpedoed.

WT:how did you react to being on a island with a negro (im just triing to sound like im from back then before the civil rights movement please don't take off points :D )?

Phillip: at first , i didn't like at all , I thougt he greedy and selfish but then i started to enjoy his company and now we are friends, well, we were.

WT:what did you do on the island ?

Phillip : we wove palm mats to sleepon and a little shelter and are oly food was a keg of water and what you could find in the ocean.

WT: How were you rescued ?

Phillip : after my friend ,Timothy, had passed away I began to hear this screaming sound of an engine. It was a plane . the plane saw my black smoke and the the pillot told some captain of a ship. That is how i was recued

Obituary Of Timothy

Timothy, a loving man of Charlette Omaloo, passed away last month. And to pay respects, let us take a moment of silence(*******************************) Timothy was reacently lost on an island with a boy named Phillip( up above in interview) and a vicous Hurricane attacked them. that cursed hurricane . timothy wanted to thank: phillip, stewcat , Hannah Gumbs, his ship crew, and all his old friends down at the docks.

National news

WW2 is killing us. were running out oil and were losing men like seconds of the day. we even lost two gentlemen at sea (look up) there are s many Nazi subs. in the water, do not go in . if your a tanker, be careful out there.


tonight, there is going to be some rain and thunder storms. high temp. : 85 .low: 65