Welcome the house of the future

Why do work when you can have your house do it for you

Different part of this amazing house and what you'll love about the house

The front of the luxurious house

The pool in the front transforms into a gigantic

jacuzzi very fast with just a simple command.

Part of the inside of this magical house

The stair way leads to the nursery where your

kids will be kept busy while having a blast.

Part of the master bedroom

Do you have better things to do than make

the bed or clean in the morning?? Well leave it up to

the house of the future.

"Why work when you can live the all american dream in the comfort of your home?"

With this cool apportunity of owning such a great house you would'nt be expecting more but there is much more!!!

Not only is this house beautiful but its also filled with some awsome gadgets That make your life even simpler for example

  • the tooth brush machine which brushes teeth
  • the shoe lace fixer which ties shoes
  • the food creater which makes food

And so much more