Corprate Investment banker

Corporate investment bankers provide a range of financial services to companies, institutions and governments. They manage corporate, strategic and financial opportunities, including mergers, acquisitions, bonds and shares, lending, privatisations, and initial public offerings (IPOs). The ususal work investment bankers do are: The main role of a corporate investment banker is to advise companies, institutions and governments on how to achieve their financial goals and implement long and short-term financial plans. Corporate investment bankers work in dedicated teams, focusing on specific transactions or market sectors. They also work alongside other related professionals such as lawyers and accountants. Average starting salary is approaching the £40,000 mark. After three or more years, salaries may range upwards or around £50,000.Those with significant experience may earn a base salary of around £150,000, but in the currretn economic climate, higher paid jobs are harder to find. The entry requiremtns are,  Investment banks are interested in graduates from all areas, not just those with finance-related degrees. Standards are high and companies usually ask for at least a 2:1 degree with a strong, consistent, academic performance. They often specify a minimum number of UCAS points.