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February 5, 2021

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Table of Contents

  • We Celebrate Black History Month
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
  • Africa - Diverse Histories and Cultures
  • Next Week-At-A-Glance
  • Valentine's Day Bag Delivered by Lisa Seymour
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • Message from Sue Beck about half-day next week/Mid-Winter Break
  • Student's Simple Request - Thank you, Katie!
  • What's Happening in Kindergarten with Mrs. Susalla?
  • What's Happening in 1st Grade with Mrs. Strohm?
  • CVVA Announcement
  • Message from Nina Warbington, Speech and Language Pathologist (Parent)
  • Message from Monica Weaver, CVE Social Worker (Parents)
  • Message from Paras about Reading Habits (Parents)
  • Message from John Cafagna about NWEA
  • Panda Express Fundraiser
  • BOE Meeting 2/8 Information
  • PEN Night Information
  • Love Quotes
  • Virtual Assembly Calendar
  • Perseverance and Supporting Others with Mrs. Kroll
  • LifeTouch Information
  • Lunch Menu
  • Important Links

We Celebrate Black History Month

February has long been the symbolic time of celebrating Black History Month.

Please remember during February to discuss the importance of Black History Month and find time to share stories, quotes, videos, or discussions with your students to celebrate the many influential Black leaders and people of our generation and those that paved the way long before us.

Our students should all know that no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, or other traits that make them who they are, they are all special and capable of wonderful things. Providing time for students to share experiences and customs is one way to start conversations.

Although Black History Month is in February, please continue to celebrate our students and their ethnicities and races throughout the year.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

Africa - Diverse Histories and Cultures

Next Week-At-A-Glance

Monday - 2/8 - Schedule A - BOE Meeting @ 6:30

Tuesday - 2/9 - Schedule B -

Wednesday - 2/10 - Schedule - PEN Night at 6:00 (virtual) - K - 2nd

Thursday - 2/11 - Schedule B - PEN Night at 6:00 (virtual) - 3rd - 5th

Friday - 2/12 - Virtual Day - Half Day - PM - Mid-Winter Begins after dismissal

Valentine's Day Bag Delivered by Lisa Seymour

Hello Team! Lisa Seymour put together all the students' Valentine's Day bags and delivered them to each room. Please let us know if there are any problems.

Message from our PTO - We have Valentine's Day Goodie Bags

Here is the list of things the PTO has purchased for Valentine's goodie bags.

-A bag of Lutz X's and O's pretzels

-A mini Rice Crispy Treat

-Fun Dip

-A ring pop

-Valentine's bags to put all the goodies into.

Kindergarten Registration

Message from Sue Beck about half day next week/Mid-Winter Break

Just a reminder that we have a half-day next week Friday, February 12th. It will be a P.M. schedule.

4th hour 9:00 – 9:58

5th hour 9:58 – 10:56

6th hour 10:56 – 11:55

Please also remind your parents that Mid-Winter Break begins at dismissal and classes resume on Monday, February 22nd.

Student's Simple Request

We had a student this week who requested his name on his coat. So, Ms. Katie, being who she is, decided to figure out a cool way to honor his request. Thank you, Katie, for your creativity! T-Weezy is complete!

What's Happening in Kindergarten with Mrs. Susalla?

Students volunteered to read to Principal Wright. Listen to how amazing they are!
Kindergarten - Susalla's Class
- YouTube
Kindergarten with Mrs. Susalla
Kindergarten with Mrs. Susalla

What's Happening in 1st Grade with Mrs. Strohm?

My awesome first graders went on a shape walk around the school. We had so much fun finding squares, circles, pentagons, rhombuses, ovals, and rectangles. ~ Mrs. Strohm

Katie Tabaczynski

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Karen Chimenti

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Laura Kroll

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CVVA Announcements

1. Clinton Valley's PEN Night is Wednesday, Feb. 10th from 6:30-7:00 virtually. Registration is due today, Friday, Feb. 5th.

2. Picture Day is Monday, February 8th from 4:00-6:00. Please sign up for a time for your child to get his/her picture taken as soon as possible, even if you are not purchasing photos. I would love to see everyone's picture in our yearbook! Also, I will be there and I would LOVE to see your child!

Here is the link to sign up for your child's time slot:

3. Valentine bags will be available for pick up on Monday, February 8th when you come to Clinton Valley for your child's pictures.

4. Friday, February 12th is a half day. Dismissal will be at 11:55 am. Our winter break begins at dismissal. School will resume on Monday, February 22nd.

5. Materials Pick Up Day is Monday, February 22nd from 10:00-2:00. Please return the Journeys Unit 2 and Unit 3 hardcover books, and the Unit 2 and Unit 3 Decodable Readers on Materials Pick Up Day.

Message for Nina Warbington, Speech & Language Pathologist (Parents)

Hello CVE family!

Here is a website that gives some ideas on how your quarantine activities can also help improve your child's speech and language skills! Have a wonderful week 🙂

Message from Monica Weaver, CVE Social Worker (Parents)

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Message from CVE Paras (Parents)

Message from John Cafagna about NWEA - Message sent out to Families

From the Educational Services Department

February 2021

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Shortly, you will be receiving a secure document email with your child’s winter 2020-21 NWEA MAP Growth “Student Progress Report.” This most recent assessment administration allowed us to gauge if your student is on pace to achieve their end of year expected growth. It is difficult for us to know exactly what expected growth should be during a pandemic. In any case, we will use the traditional numbers that NWEA provides to give a frame of reference for each student.

As a reminder, our teachers, our schools, and our district use MAP results to:

  • Monitor student growth over time
  • Guide classroom instruction
  • Determine appropriate interventions and supports
  • Adjust curriculum and teaching practices

Parents can use MAP results to:

  • Monitor a child’s growth over time
  • Help children set and work toward goals
  • Identify a child’s relative strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Access book recommendations at
  • Utilize web-based learning activities at

You will see in the MAP Student Progress Report that achievement is reported as an RIT score, which does not correlate to percent correct or a grade. Instead, this winter 2020-21 score gives us a mid-year snapshot of where your child is educationally at this moment in time. The RIT score will allow us to track your child’s growth and progress over time.

If you have questions regarding the NWEA MAP assessment, please contact your child’s teacher or me directly at or (586) 723-2223.


John Cafagna
Coordinator of Assessment and Data Analysis
Chippewa Valley Schools

Attached please find a helpful Quick Guide to understanding the MAP Student Progress Report
Quick Guide

Panda Express Fundraiser

Hi Clinton Valley Families!!

We can all use a break from cooking!! Head out to Panda Express next Friday, February 12th, at the Sterling Heights (Hall Road Location) and enjoy an amazing meal. Be sure to mention the flier attached and show it at the drive-thru when you check out, and 20% of your bill will be donated back to our school!! This is a great opportunity to get a break from making dinner and helping the school continue to provide great programs such as Science Alive and activities that the students love so much. We hope you enjoy your meal! As always, thank you for your continued support. -Clinton Valley PTO

CVS Board of Education Meeting - Monday, February 8th @ 6:30 pm

PEN Workshop - K - 2nd - February 10, 2021

PEN Workshop - 3rd - 5th Grade - February 11, 2021

Door prizes for PEN night ~ Boy and Girl prizes for grades K-5

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Virtual Assembly Calendar

Mrs Kroll's Class Meeting 20210127 151724 Meeting Recording

Lifetouch Coming Soon! - February 8th & 9th

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Lifetouch + Shutterfly Fall 2020 Photography

Picture Day Safety - What it will look like this year

Picture Day Safety | Lifetouch
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Important Links