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When someone uses the word media my mind automatically thinks TV, radio, sound, advertisement and so on and so forth. This leads me to believe that Media Literature is any kind of literature you can see like commercials or advertisements but Media Literature is also literature you hear like music or literature you can hear. Every day you are exposed to media literature whether it is by watching your favorite TV show or listening to your favorite song and being stuck in the car forced to listen to your grandpa’s old fashion radio station talk about anything and everything you could care less about. However you may be exposed to this particular kind of literature you can obviously notice pretty fast that it can defiantly be bias as in it can be more towards one way than another or be made specifically for a certain group of people. Media Literature could also mean like literature people post on social media websites giving it the name MEDIA literature. Now it’s a whole other ball game when it comes to media literacy. Literacy is not only the ability to read and write but the ability to understand. Media literacy is when one has the ability to listen to something and understand what it is saying as well as have the ability to understand what is going on in the world around them. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely literate enough to read novels in their free time but just enough to understand like what the news is saying or be able to read just enough to understand their surroundings and what is happening in the world at that time.

social media can be a scary thing

Number 2

Social media as a whole is a wonderful and powerful creation. Throughout the years it has continuously grown into something we use in our everyday lives. I believe people are becoming too dependent on the internet and social media some even to the point of addiction I would say. I walk down the halls at school and see kids walking looking down at their phones not even taking the time to connect with the real live people around them. I also hear students in class when they are supposed to be learning but are more concerned with finding another student that has a charger for them to borrow so their precious phones don’t die on them while scrolling through Instagram instead of doing their math worksheet. Now don’t get me wrong I believe social media has its pros as well such as making it easier to research and learn things, and easier to find your way when you are lost. But when you talk about all the things social media makes easier I think about cyber bulling. Over the years bulling has increased because of how easy the internet and social media has made it to say mean things to others without having to confront them in person to say it. This has led to multiple children and adults feeling badly about themselves. One of the most common issues I hear about is girl’s body images. I wrote my final essay about this topic and how social media both helped and harmed it by providing people places to go for help and advice but it also provides the source of what makes them feel that way in the first place.

The internet in ten year worries me when you think about all the things people are able to do with it now. Which I believe is just a fraction of what they will be able to do. Today someone you have never met in your life can just take your picture without you knowing and find you on social media and learn even the most personal things about you without ever even confronting you. Its inventions and innovations like these that make me fearful of our future. Also in ten years I believe we will be even more dependent on social media and the internet than we are today.

Audi R8 game commercial

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Audi’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial told a heartfelt story to persuade people to buy their new Audi R8. The commercial starts off by showing pictures and videos of this astronaut then it pans over to an old guy sitting in a chair depressingly looking at the pictures followed by a younger guy who appears to be his son walks in and sees him and tells him to come with him ending in handing the old guy the keys to the dark gray Audi R8 and driving off together. In the commercial Audi compares their new R8 to a rocket ship and says “it brings out the best in all of us” to make people have this image in their head of flying down the road in our new R8 in order to convince us to buy the car. Audi presents the commercial in a heartwarming and exciting tone targeting mostly middle aged and older men.

Audi R8 Big Game Commercial – Commander – Extended Cut

Donald Trumps pants are on fire!!!!

He said: "out of 67 counties (in Florida), I won 66, which is unprecedented. It's never happened before,"

  • trump made this statement on march 21 after Marco Rubio dropped out of the race after only winning one county. trump wasn't lying when he said he won 66 out of 67 counties but it is certainly not unprecedented. looking back only a few years you can see that he is defiantly the only one to win 66 states and that for a fact there are several who have won all 67.

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Ted Cruz cruising down the wrong path.

He said:" A couple of debates ago, (Donald Trump) said if you don't support socialized health care, you're heartless."

  • Cruz made this statement February 25 in Huston Texas at the republican debate when he was trying to question Donald trumps position on health care. This was found to be false when politifact went back and looked at the debate that Cruz was referring to. They said that the subject was brought of but Trump never said that nor did he say anything close to it. I personal don't understand why Cruz tried to say that Trump said something when in fact he never did. Who looks like the bad one now?
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Hillary finally telling the truth!?

She said: "Gun violence is by far the leading cause of death for young African American men, outstripping the next nine causes of death combined."

  • Clinton made this statement on February 17 during a speech posted on medium. This was proven true when politifacts looked of the statistics and found them on the CDC's website. I found this shocking to know but I want to know why she was talking specifically about African Americans and not everyone.

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The beginning of the article sounds as if it was written about America in the 1800s and 1900s when childhood labor was very common and people’s life expectancy was low. They start off by saying “they were born, they grew up in the gutters, they went to work at twelve….” This all describes the lives of most families in this time period because at this time most American families didn’t have enough money to support their family and would be forced to send their children to work in terrible conditions causing illness and disease usually resulting in a shorter life span. The article then goes on to say “petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and, above all, gambling filled up the horizons of their minds…” this is where the article begins to relate to more of how today’s society acts. We no longer begin work at such a young age or die at 60 but we do find our society becoming engulfed in absolutely irrelevant things like films, sports and unimportant arguments with the people we are surrounded by. We no longer think or worry about the important things in life as much as we used to and I believe the article in a way compares the difference between now and then. I especially like the part where it says “and, above all, gambling filled up the horizons of their minds…” because this made me reflect back on the lottery when it was at the highest its ever been and it’s all everyone talked about, the news even reduced the amount of actual and important facts about what was going on in the world to talk about the lottery. It was the topic you heard at dining room table and living room couch. You couldn’t get away from it. Even my own father bought tickets and he never participates in that kind of stuff. The lottery scooped us all up in its irresistible chance of maybe winning that we stopped talking about all the issues going on in the world and just talking about the lottery and spending money to buy ticket after ticket. This almost hypnotizing event made our minds go from intelligent and knowing to somewhat of parole because we didn’t hear about the real news anymore. Now when I think back on this event I find it absolutely crazy because in the book 1984 they would do lottery’s for the paroles to keep them happy yet secretly it was trick. This lead to me thinking about if our very own real life lottery was created by our government in order to distract us from noticing things they were doing that we may disagree with without of having knowledge of it so we could even get the chance of disagreeing.

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You Say You Want A Revolution...

"Jewish Uprisings in Ghettos and Camps, 1941–1944." United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. United States Holocaust Memorial Council, 29 Jan. 2016. Web. 19 Apr. 2016.

Entry 7

Media literacy is everything I thought it to be and far more. At the beginning of the year when I wrote about media literacy I did not know exactly what it was but I don’t think I was very far from the main concept of it all. As I said before literacy is not only the ability to read and write but the ability to understand. I wrote about how media literacy was the ability to understand the news but now that I know what it means I understand that it’s not just being able to understand the news but understand everything about our world. Media literacy is the ability to understand what is going on in the world around us and know where we stand, and the ability to read 1984 by George Orwell and see aspects of his dystopia in our own lives.

This class was a lot different than others because other classes focused more on teaching us how to become better readers and writers. Although we did become better at those particular aspects we learned more about the world around us and how not to just read but understand what we are reading.

Throughout the semester I have learned that watching the news is very important and that there are so many things that have happened in this world good and bad. Watching CNN student news made me feel more important as if now that I knew what was going on in the world I could do something to change it. Watching the student news also helped me join in on conversation with the rest of my family at the dinner table. Moreover, this class taught me how to annotate which yes defiantly sucks but after all the complaining I found it to be super helpful and a skill I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

In the future this class could become more helpful with explaining why you got the grades you got on writings by writing notes on our papers or hints and tips next to parts where we messed up to help make them better. when we are told what we did wrong and told how we can fix it we become better and more understanding causing us to do better the next time around. Another thing that would make this class better is when it’s a nice day taking the class outside to work. Fresh air and getting a break from tiny enclosed class rooms can really help kids clear their mind and become more focused and engaged with the task at hand. One huge thing you can do t0 improve this class is watch more videos about what is going on in the world. Every day at the beginning of class we watch CNN student news but it would be cool and more engaging if we saw a topic on the news that we all mutually liked or voted on and watched more videos about that specific topic during class that day. Then had a Socratic seminar after watching the videos to talk about what we thought about it, how it is or can affect the world an our own lives, and maybe even what we could do to help or contribute to it. Plus this would take away us having to write what we watched because we could just be graded or get points for participating in the seminar we had that day about what we watched. The last thing you can do to improve this class and the success of your students is to print out all the assignments for us. I find that it helps when the directions for an assignment is printed out where I can look at it and work at the same time without having ti change the page as well as where I am able to write on it and get ideas out of my head makes it easier to focus and get work done.

last smore

Everyday people are being engulfed in the power of social media. We are manipulated and mislead to believe it helps us connect when in reality we are becoming more closed off to the people and world around us. Social media does have its perks like keeping us occupied when there really is nothing to do or helping us keep up with all the new events in our loved ones lives but when we sit back and look at the people around us we find ourselves not talking on the phone anymore but texting. Young kids are too scared of calling to order pizza with the fear of actually having to talk to a stranger on the phone. This is a problem because what are they going to do when they get older and have interviews where it’s in person. Social media has become too controlling of us even schools are asking kids do homework online. what happened to paper and pencil? We should not get rid of social media. It’s okay in little doses but we should limit ourselves to the amount of time we spend on it and more time out with friends and family creating bonds and seeing faces face to face. Chick-fil-a has a new promotion where if you put your phone in a box and leave it there the whole time you eat you get free ice cream. I think this a great idea and more places should start doing this but at the same time it’s sad to think that we have to be bribed just to put our phones down and communicate with those around us. Social media should be used to promote positive things, and to share a picture or two between loved ones but not to do everything in our lives like homework or texting. Parents should limit their children’s use of electronics and force them to be active and social outside with others.