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Welcome to the Illawong PS Technology Updates Flyer!

This flyer is used to share new ideas, resources and links between the staff of Illawong PS. If you have stumbled across a great resource that assists in the teaching of technology email me and I will add it to this flyer!

ICT Coordinators Day - Term 3


At the ICT Coordinators Day in Term 3, a presentation was given on 'Infographics'. Infographics are a visual way of representing information. These can be used across many subjects but are a great way to jazz up a Data lesson in Maths. You may be familiar with the infographics they use on 'Can of Worms' or 'Big Brother'. Inforgraphics can be images or videos. Below are some sites that you may like to browse and create your own infographic. There are many different sites available though.

Below is an example of a video infographic used on 'Can of Worms'.

Poll: Should fast food be taxed? (Can of Worms 2012 Episode 13)