AT Update

September 11, 2015

3 Math

This week, students:

-added and subtracted multi digit whole numbers.

-solved addition and subtraction word problems up to the millions.

-completed a review test for chapter 1.

-took the chapter 1 test.

As a reminder, when students bring home the review packet, you can study with your child by giving them several questions to do from the packet. Please have them bring the packet back to school the next day so we can check and go over any last minute areas that might be problematic. Thank you!

4 Math

This week, students:

-solved real world problems involving fractions.

-completed a review test for chapter 1.

-did several "practice" test review questions.

-took the chapter 1 test.

Please help your child remember to bring his/her review packet back to school with them so that we can use it to study in class as well as at home. Thank you!

3 and 4 Reading

This week, students in grade 3 and 4:

-took a vocabulary test to show their knowledge of new words.

-completed the lesson 2 test.

-revised and made a final copy of their short fiction story.

-learned how to use quotation marks correctly.

-signed on and completed our first Schoology assignment.

-signed up for "Newsela", a non-fiction news source for kids.

-defined new words and used them in sentences.

Grade 3 Focus: We read the informational nonfiction story My Librarian is a Camel and worked on determining cause and effect within a story.

Grade 4 Focus: We read the story Off and Running, a realistic fiction story about a girl running for class president. Ask your student about their ideas to make Gower West a better place based on our story!

Vocabulary words this week focused on using context to determine meaning:

3: isolated, virtual, devour, remote, impassable, access, obtain, preserve, extremes, avid

4: debate, inflated, shaken, decorated, gradually, hesitated, scanned, stalled, beckoned, prodded

Good Thing!

I shared with the class this week that my husband and I are expecting a baby in January. We are all very excited for this new family member!

I also assured students that by the time I leave in January, they will be able to run the class for the substitute. :) We will keep you updated regarding the substitute as get closer to January.