Benedict Arnold

By: Sarah Dickson


Benedict Arnold led a very, well, interesting life. As a child, he was a rambunctious scamp, playing pranks everywhere he went. When he grew up, he met beautiful Peggy Shippen, had eight wonderful kids, soon to become a traitor. But soon, Arnold wanted more power and became a world-famous traitor. If you want to find out more, I suggest you read on.

Speak of the Devil

As Benedict Arnold became a child, well, you could say he was a little devil. Everywhere he went, it was all pranks! Even his poor, little mother couldn't keep him in control. Arnold even once led a group that exploded a cannon! One time, on thanksgiving, he and a group of boys rolled barrels of tar to the town green to build a traditional bonfire. Benedict was soon escorted home for punching a constable. Some would say he just couldn't help it. Pranks were part of the dare-devils routine. Mrs. Arnold just couldn't take it! So she sent him to her cousins pharmacy to be apprenticed. Some times Bendict's mother would sent him letters containing chocolate for bribing him to behave. Anyway, what I mean to say, is that when Benedict was a child, he caused a lot of pandemonium as a little trickster!

Joyful Family

Benedict Arnold loved his family and everything about them. When he started out, he found a woman named Peggy Shippen. Of course, Benedict fell in love with her. He wanted to impress her father, a loyalist, so he began protecting other loyalists. Peggy's father decided to let him marry her, partly because Arnold was a rebel and he would offer Peggy very high protection. Once they got married, Peggy came with Benedict to dances, music recitals, and theater. Soon they decided there was something missing, so they had kids. Their eight, wonderful kids were Richard, Sophia, Edward, William, George, James, Benedict, and Henry. Everyone in the family was happy. They knew that they would have a long, loving life. But what they didn't know is that soon, there would be a traitor in the family.
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Highway to Treachery

Benedict Arnold soon became a world-famous traitor. As he joined the Continental Army, George quickly recognized his skills. But he was self-centered, and other officers found him hard to work with. Arnold had a lot of pride. He began racing through ranks, soon becoming a general! He resented people who challenged him, or stood in his way. So officers began resenting him, and Benedict was losing his pride. George Washington tried to save his pride, but it was long lost. That and the fact that he wanted to be more than a general angered him. It angered him so much that he became a spy for the British. As Washington once said, " Arnold has betrayed us, who can we trust now?!" From that time, a traitor was born, as he began negotiations with the British for West Point, and served his life despised from the Americans.
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Town green- A tree shaded park, a busy city square, or a quiet churchyard.

Apprenticed- to be trained or employed in a job.

Traitor- A person who betrays a friend, country, principle,etc.

Resented- To feel bitterness, indignation, or hatred to a person.

Loyalist- loyal to the crown, King, queen, etc.



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