The App Generation

By: Stephanie Thorne

Technological Generations

We use to identify ourselves by what was happening politically in our world such as the Cold War would suggest someone was born in the sixties. Or people would ask "where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated" or "where were you on September 11th, 2001".

This has now changed to defining ourselves based on technology. Which generation will you be defined in? Will you be the bulky desktop computer and reel-to-reel projector era? Or will you be laptop, smartphone, I-Pad era? Each generation has been given a name: The Baby Boom Generation, Generation X, Generation Y or New Silent Generation. Will the future generations be called Generation 2.0?

Intimate Relationships

  • texting instead of calling others
  • touching base with someone
  • micro-coordination between individuals
  • it's easier to text a parent vs calling
  • more time to think of a response

Anything Goes

  • students are more accepting of their peers who are different
  • less likely to alienate their peers
  • maybe more aware of global things going on
  • technology allows students to go beyond their back door