It's 21st Century Technology Time!

by Patricia Evans

21st Century Technology Project

It is time for us to start working on our 21st Century Technology project once again.

My class and I need you to send us all the innovative ways that you use technology in your classroom to make learning more interesting and fun for the students. Any videos (make sure that they are saved on Youtube) or presentations with an explanation of how this technology is used would be greatly appreciated.

Teacher Technology-

If there is technology that you use to make your life as a teacher easier, please share that as well. We have been exposed to lots of new and different technology this year, so we should have lots to share with each other for creation of our presentation.

For you new teachers, this is a presentation that is created by an 8th grade Careers/Technology class that is usually presented to the board so they can see how we are using all of the technology that we have here at Hudson Middle School.

If you have any questions about this, or what is needed, please feel free to email me or Mr. Crenshaw.