December 16-20 2013

Mosaica Online Happenings

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday, December 17th: Parent Education at either 2pm or 8:30pm Eastern
  • Thursday, December 19th: K-5 Advisement @ 10am Eastern
  • Friday, December 20th: 6-12 Advisement @ 2:30pm Eastern
  • December 23 - January 3: Winter Break
  • Tuesday, January 14th: Online Paragon Night
  • Monday, January 20th: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • Tuesday, January 21st: Parent Education at either 2pm or 8:30pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, January 22nd: Last day of Grading Period #2
  • Thursday, January 23rd: Enrichment Day
  • Monday, January 27th: Benchmark Testing Grades 2-10 - Reading & Math and Reading Foundations for grades K-1
  • Tuesday, January 28th: Benchmark Testing Grades 2-10 - Science & Language Arts and Math for grades K-1
  • **Beginning August 28th, all adjunct teachers must submit invoices to Brenda McCullers on the 14th and 28th of the month**

Non-Charter Mosaica Online Locations

Holiday season is here. Please carefully note the holiday schedule below, and do not assign work due on vacation days.

American School Foundations

December 23 - January 6 - Winter Holiday

Mosaica International School of Hyderabad

December 23 - January 4 - Winter Holiday

Foundation Academy of Mansfield

December 23 - January 5 - Winter Vacation

Muskegon Heights High School

December 21 - January 5 - Winter Vacation

Arts & Technology Academy of Pontiac

December 13th - Early Release

December 23rd - January 3rd - Holiday Break

American School of Puerto Vallarta

December 19 - January 6 - Winter Break

Staff Spotlight - Michaela Claus-Nix

I was born and raised in Germany. I completed all my schooling in Berlin where I also trained to become a German and English teacher. In 1995, I came with a Fulbright and PAD scholarship to Clemson University in SC where I was a teaching assistant for German for one year. It was such a great experience! I just loved teaching German at Clemson. My original intent was to become more fluent in English before I would start a career as a German and English teacher in Germany. But life sometimes plays tricks on you: I fell in love with an amazing Southerner. I returned to Germany in 1996 to complete all my remaining exams for my MA and then returned to the US in 1997 – this time to stay for good. I have been teaching German at the high school level in Greenville, SC and in the Atlanta area ever since. The amazing Southerner and I welcomed two even more amazing children into this world: Calvin (he is an eighth grader) and Kara (she is in second grade). I am now in my 11th year as German teacher and department chair at South Forsyth High School in Cumming, GA (a small city about 45 minutes North of Atlanta). I currently serve on the AP Development Committee for the AP German exam with Collegeboard. I have been part of Mosaica since 2011 and discovered a new love: online teaching! It is an honor to be part of the Mosaica team and have the privilege to work with so many extraordinary professionals! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

Thank you Michaela for what you offer our students - we appreciate you!

Mosaica Sunshine!

*We are so excited to welcome Maddox William McKay born to our very own Autumn McKay on Tuesday December 10th. Maddox is a big boy weighing 8 lbs 12 oz. We are so happy for you and your family Autumn!!!!!!!

*As always, please keep Barbara Noel-Williams in your thoughts- she is a WARRIOR in her fight against cancer!!!!

Let me know of any concerns or celebrations within our Mosaica Online family!

Mosaica Online Enrichment Days

Our next Enrichment Day is Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stay tuned for details!

Club Corner

Cooking Club:

December's group recipe in Cooking Club was a basic Spaghetti Sauce. Cooking tip of the week- cut around the root of the onion on an angle and remove before cutting the onion. This makes for no-tears cutting!


  • Please remember to enter zeros in your gradebook after each week so that your students see a realistic representation of their current grade in your class. We don’t want any big surprises at the end of the term if you suddenly enter all of the zeros at that time.
  • As the end of the semester starts to draw near, it is even more important that you stay in close contact with the parents of your struggling students. Remember to call those parents every other week and to document it in the seating chart.
  • Please be sure that you have a final exam that you can give your students at the end of the semester. We might have some special cases where students need to finish the semester early, so it’s important that teachers start to create those exams soon. (Paragon and PWL will use their celebration/cumulative projects as the final exam.)

Data Discussion...

Teachers, here's a quick analysis of the SIP data we viewed by state during this week's data discussion meetings:

According to most recent Scantron Performance Series data, this table displays the subjects in which students in each grade/state had the lowest SIP (standard item pool) score. In other words, a quick overview tells us that AZ students in grades 2 and 3 struggled more with the Language Arts test than any other test. We can also surmise that overall, middle and high school students had greater difficulty on the Math assessment than on the other tests.

(see pic below!)

Just a quick peek at the numbers helps us determine which areas might be in need of our attention, and in which areas we need to dig deeper to figure out exactly what skill gaps exist with our students. For instance, upon realizing that Arizona 2nd graders struggled most with Language Arts, it would be a terrific next step to drill down to the group data to determine which sub-test gave the students the most trouble...was it Capitalization, Parts of Speech, Punctuation, or Sentence Structure?

Here's a short video to explain exactly how to do drill down to sub-test data:

Online Paragon Nights!

Here are the dates for our Online Paragon Nights for the 2013-2014 school year!

January 14
March 11
May 27

And last but not least..... Your joke of the week

Q: What's another name for Santa's elves?

A: Subordinate Clauses.