Black Friday & Cyber Monday

By: Ophir Geminder

About 140 million people went shop crazy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. Over the 1st to the 28th of November the Americans spent 32 billion dollars online. In Israel, the Israelis also joined the spending celebration. "eBay Israel" reports it sold 90,000 products in one day, 63 products per second.

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving, and opens the Christmas selling season. Following Black Friday comes Cyber Monday, which is the same as Black Friday, but on the internet, to create a weekend of shopping craze.

Many internet websites sold a lot of discounted products: iPhone 5S at 1,200 NIS, kids' shirts at $2 and more. An Israeli woman told: "I have been waiting six months for Black Friday sales on a specific camera, which cost in Israel 1.5 times than the original price. I didn't buy anything except it, because my aim was to save money in my shopping, don’t spend money on little things, but my friends spent on Black Friday thousands of NIS on cloths, baby stuffs, vitamins and cell-phones, because even if they'll pay taxes, the prices on this day are worthwhile."
Every year, the awareness of the world to this special day is only growing and growing. At the beginning of Black Friday, it was only one or two selling days, but during the last two years, it expanded to almost a whole month, and even extended to the Chinese Singles Day two weeks earlier.

According to "Walmart", the most selling toy was an Elsa doll from "Frozen", and other best-selling items were: tablets, TVs, sheets and kids' clothing. Online selling mostly included computer games, HD screens and products for babies.

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