Personality Type: True Colors

Jamie Poignon

Overview of My Color

The blue personality type is for people who are caring, imaginative, and enthusiastic. These people tend to be naturally romantic and encouraging. They search for the meaning and significance in life.

In Relationships & Childhood...

People with blue were most likely to be very imaginative in school. They probably found it hard to fit into the structure of school life. They need to be encouraged constantly. Blues tend to be very sensitive and do not enjoy rejection. In relationships, they enjoy harmony. People of this type take unity very seriously. They also cherish small gestures of affection such as flowers, and candlelight. I can relate with this aspect of my personality type. I am very imaginative and I value unity in all relationships.


Blues may find a strong desire to influence others to lead better lives at work or school. They tend to enjoy motivating and interacting with others on the job. These people will likely choose a career that helps people, such as the arts, communication, and education. I relate to this very much. I always want to influence others to do better and I want to go into a profession that helps others.

Symptoms of a Bad Day...

I somewhat agree with the blue personality type's symptoms of a bad day. When I have a bad day, I tend to yell or scream, day dream, and cry or feel depressed. Other symptoms include, lying to save yourself, misbehaving for attention, and withdraw.

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Thoughts About My Color

Most of the descriptions for the blue personality type describes me. I like to feel unique, encourage people, and contribute to whatever I can. The only things that I really do not agree with are some of the symptoms of a bad day. I would like to go into the surgical field when I grow up, which would fall under the category of a helping job. Being as caring and outgoing as I am, I think that would help me at work. It may also stink sometimes because theres a chance I will care too much and get attached to patients. I think it is pretty cool that one color can fit so many people's personality spot on. After reading the description for other colors, I know for sure that I fit in the blue category better than any other.
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