Why we should drill off the coasts of Alaska

Drilling is good!

The oil prices are continuing to rise! if we don't start drilling in Alaska, which has a surplus of oil, prices will keep rising. The oil companies are providing jobs for many people like me, a fisherman, as well as people to work on these oil rigs. So it's a win win! The prices for oil will drop and the unemployment rate will also drop. Also The oil companies are gonna keep the waters clean as possible, so it wont affect the enviorment.


Only Benefiting, Not Harming!

You see those prices! That is outrageous! We need to do something about it, and do it now. Sooner or later people won't be able to put gas in their vehicles to get to work. I can barely afford to pay for the gas my fishing boat consumes. If we start drilling off Alaska's coast i won't have to worry if i can pay the insane prices, because they will be lower. It's not like we are destroying the habitat of these animals or anything. We are doing offshore drilling its not affecting the wild life.