by Eric Zhang

What Is a Flood?

A flood is when there is too much water for the ground to absorb and then covers the whole area with water. A flood can be caused by volcanoes, earthquakes, rain and snow. Volcanoes and earthquakes erupt under the ocean triggering a huge wave called a flood. Floods most likely happen in Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and parts of Alabama.

Reducing The Impact

You can reduce the impact of floods by building dams and levees. Dams can stop a portion of the flood water and levees can open up and then close to trap some of the flood water.

The Pros And The Cons

There are pros and cons of living in an area with floods. Here are a few.
  • Flood waters are sometimes good for crops to grow.
  • People could play sports such as canoeing in the flood waters.
  • The flood waters isn't as high in some areas.
  • People could lose power and their homes in an area with floods.
  • floods can cause a lot of damage and need years to fix all the damage.


In conclusion, I think living in an area that experiences floods is the safest because there are a lot more pros than cons and you can reduce the damage of floods by building dams and levees.