Reproductive System Health

By: Lauren Vaughan

Pap Smears

A pap smear is a test given to woman to figure out if there is any problems with their cervix. They can identify infections and many other problems. At the age of 21, a woman should get a pap smear every 3 years.


Mammograms are used to find breast cancer in woman who have no symptoms of the disease. There are two different types of mammograms. One is the screening mammogram. This is the mammogram used to find cancerous tumors. the second mammogram is called a diagnostic mammogram. this is the mammogram used after a doctor has found a lump. Ages 40 and older should start getting mammograms. Woman at the Age of 44-54 should get checked yearly, woman ages 55 and older should get mammograms every 2 years.

Testicular Exams

Testicular exams is an easy way for a guy to see if there are any odd cancerous bumps or lumps on the testicles. Males between the age 15-35 should be doing this evaluation every month.

Prostate Exams

Prostate exams can help a doctor find suspicious lumps in men. Prostate exams are recommended for men ages 40 to 70. Men should get their prostate checked every 4 years.