Family News

October 2016

Back to School

The great grandkids had their first day of school. Check out their pictures and see what grade they are in this year.


Family Fun

What an amazing family reunion! Family started arriving on Friday night. We kicked off the reunion with boating, swimming, fishing, and the board. Saturday night we celebrated great grandma's birthday. We had cake and ice cream. On Sunday, we had a water balloon fight. We were supposed to keep our shirts clean. In the end, Ella had the cleanest shirt. We also had a kayak race. The kayak race was a relay this year. Mike and Angie finished the close race. Angie's team won and signed the paddle. We also went swimming, kayaking, and boarding. For supper on Sunday we had a fish fry. Yum! Thank you, Aaron, for bringing the fish and Larry for frying it. When the kids weren't in the water, they were probably playing four square. The only ones missing were Adam and Shanon. Otherwise, it was an amazing reunion! Enjoy the pictures below.


Walden Kids Try Out for Band

Join us in congratulating Josiah and Lacey Walden for making the homeschool advanced band. Lacey is playing the flute and Josiah is playing the trumpet. They are both also playing in "Steel Home". This is a steel drum band. Lacey is going to join a flute only group too. Josiah, Lacey, and Luke will all three participate in "The CFE Singers". It is a choir that performs mainly at local nursing homes. Good luck, musicians!



Shanon and Adam's dog named Jersey knocked out one of her front teeth. She will be having surgery soon to make sure there is not any other damage and to give her teeth a good cleaning.

Lex's Rough Summer

Wes and Sara's dog is named Lex and he had a rough summer. One morning when he woke up he couldn't hold his head up or walk. They took him to the vet. The vet said he was very dizzy. It was called old dog vestibular disease. He took medicine and got better. Because he was sick he got to go to Florida with them and see the ocean for the first time. He could not swim because the waves were too big, but he liked saving the shells from the water. He also had some dental work done and now he is acting 5 years younger!


Go Fight Win!

Allie, Hannah, and Ella Marcum are mascot cheerleaders for the Lighthouse Christian Chargers this fall. They had summer camp for two days to learn a half time routine and they have practiced once or twice a week since the middle of August. During the half time routine, Ella gets to be part of a pyramid and Allie and Hannah get to show off their gymnastics skills. Along with the half time routine, the girls get to cheer the 2nd quarter of all home games.

Insane Inflatable 5K

Shanon and Adam ran a 5k race on August 27th. It was a race full of inflatables! It took place at Virginia Beach. Even though it was not timed, Adam and Shanon had A LOT of fun running the Insane Inflatable 5K. Adam's next race will be the Crawlin' Crab 1/2 Marathon on October 2nd. He is trying to finish the half marathon in 2 hours and 33 minutes. Best of luck, Adam!

Autumn Color Run


Avery Birdsong is playing basketball this fall. She is playing for RUSH. It is a homeschool team. RUSH stands for "R U Serving Him?". She is a shooting guard and point guard. Aaron is the assistant coach for her team. Good luck, Avery!

Birdsongs Bowling

Avery and Blaire Birdsong are bowling on Saturday mornings in a kids league. They bowl at the bowling alley called Andy B's in Springfield, Missouri. Blaire's high score is 185. Avery's high score is 161.


Have you ever seen a big group of motorcycles riding together? It was probably a charity ride. Barb Pelley attended a charity ride on September, 24th. A charity ride is when a big group of people pay money to ride on motorcycles. Then, that money is donated to a charity. This charity ride was to raise money for a handicap playground for a little girl named Kendyl. They raised over $1,750! There were around 80 motorcycles and they rode 90 miles. They started the day with prayer and when the ride was finished there were lots of bands who played in the afternoon and evening.


New Doors

David and Sharon Birdsong needed new doors in their breezeway. The old doors were too small. They got the new doors at Home Depot in Springfield, Missouri. Larry Walden helped David put in the doors. It took about four hours for each door. David and Sharon love their new doors.


Where in the world is...Wes?

Wes Tipton is working on Long Island. Long Island is 118 miles long. It is the most populated United States island. It is known for great beaches, pizza shops, and delis. Did you know that Long Island has some silly laws? You can't wear slippers after 10:00 p.m. You can't throw a ball at someone's face for fun. You can't jump off a building and if you do the punishment is death.

We contacted Wes and he gave us some more information about Long Island. He told us it is part of the city that doesn't sleep, there are beautiful trees everywhere, and you can get any type of food you want at any time of day. Wes' favorite restaurant in Long Island is Katz's Deli, but there is usually a line around the block to get inside. Usually, Wes is working, but sometimes he gets time to look around. He has seen the 9/11 Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Rockefeller Center, street performers, the Hudson River, and Central Park. He says Central Park is a beautiful gem hidden in the middle of New York City! Wes works for the Long Island Rail Road which is the largest commuter railroad in the United States. They have over 900 miles of track that move over 320,000 people a day. We hope Wes has fun at Long Island, works hard, and follows all the laws!

God is Guarding Us

On September 23, 2016 a car behind Brian bumped him in the rear end and made him crash into the car in front of him. He was only three miles away from his home when the accident happened. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. Brian was a bit sore in his back and neck and had a small headache. His car that he had had for 12 years and named "Super Focus" did not survive the accident. It had over 290,00 miles on it and will not have another mile again. We are thankful that God protected Brian.

Allie, Hannah, and Ella Marcum would like to thank everyone who shared their news for this newsletter.