Technology Units

By Justin F.


+ I Liked it because you do a little movie about what ever you like to do.

+ I choose my pets.

+ Not having to share it with the class. (my opinion)


+ Different coding back round like: Minecraft, Flapy bird, PVZ, and more.

+ I mostly like the Minecraft one with the placing blocks.

+ Make different codes.

Haiku Deck

+ Making a fun slide show.

+ Back round pictures.

+ Do a job to work about.

Explain Everything

+ Doing a math problem.

+ Taking and solving.

+ I also like math.

Career Locker

+ Looking for a job.

+ I did a zookeeper.

+ Looking for a job to do on Haiku Deck

Typing Web

+ Doing funny sentences.

+ Typing for 5 min.

+ Doing it every day.