Rhode Island

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Rhode Island is a small colony where big things happened. Rhode Island was a colony with a lot of history.splish splash here comes roger Williams in his boat with his crew behind him. At first education was not that important in Rhode Island but it became important. All in all Rhode Island can be an interesting state and colony.

Introducing Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a place where many things happened. Rhode Island was the smallest colony in the United States of America. The nerragansetts bay, Inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. The official state name of Rhode Island is providence plantions. Sometimes they would call Rhode Island Rhody. Rhode Island was also the 13th colony. Lastly, Rhode Island is filled with history.

Roger Williams life

Rhode Island thanks roger Williams for religious freedom. Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island. He believed that people should warship as they pleased. Roger Williams went to America because he was not allowed to warship in England. Rhode Island was a colony of freedom of religion. Roger bought land from the Indians called Nerragansetts Chiefs. Undoubtedly, roger allowed to fight for religious freedom.


Education is important because the colonists could now learn. In 1647 the Massachusetts bay colony had passed a law that made the towns of 50 or more families to have a school that was partly paid for by taxes. Rhode Island had the worst education in New England. Rhode Island was the only colony without public schools. Weathy was able to go to the private schools because they had money. No girls went to college but a handful of boys went to harvered Massachusetts. All in all, education was important back then.


In the beginning you didn't know anything about Rhode Island now you do. Rhode Island is historically nice to learn about. Splash that's the end of roger Williams. There is a lot of education in Rhode Island. All in all, we are lucky to have Rhode Island as our colony.


Bay- is a body of water

Ocean-a body of salt water

Roger Williams-a man who founded Rhode Island

Indians-a type of original Americans


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