Trip to Egypt

By Wes Moore

About the religion

In Egypt the main religion is Islamic, or Muslim. There most important beliefs are the 5 pillars, in the first pillar you must say and believe that there is only one God, and that Muhammad is gods messenger. On the second pillar you must pray 5 times a day in the direction facing Mecca. In the third pillar it says that u must give 2.5% of your income to the poor and needy. In the fourth pillar you must fast during the holy month of Ramadan, and in the fifth pillar you must make the journey of the hajj to Mecca.
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Religious dressing

People in Egypt wear white Lennon clothing, but don't wear it in the holy temple. Men wore loin cloths or short skirts. We on wore robes or tight dresses due to the hot sun rays in the dessert.

Common foods and foods to avoid in Egypt

Common foods in Egypt include Aish Baladi, Baba Ghanoushy, and Fattah. Foods to avoid in Egypt include foods that aren't cooked long enough there really ain't any bad foods, it's just the fact if they were cooked long enough.

Religious sarimonies, holy days, and holidays

The religious sarimonies, holy days, and holidays in Egypt include, the hajj journey to Mecca, and the holy month of the Ramadan.
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nice resteraunts and there average prices

Nice resteraunts in Egypt include, the sabaya, pricing average from $15.00-$40.00, another resteraunt in Egypt is the Saigon resteraunt and lounge they say it has a lovely atmosphere and it has amazing views at night.

Good flight plans and prices

Good flight plans to Egypt include the flight from Boston to Cairo on Atlantis pricing around $590.00 per person. Another flight includes the flight from Dallas to Cairo on Atlantis pricing around $1,065.00 per person.