Helen Keller

Emma Rhoades

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Helen's Childhood

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. When she was 19 months old she lost her sight and hearing to a mystery illness. Today many scientists think it was scarlet fever or meningitis. After Helen lost her sight and hearing she got frustrated with communicating. She would often have outbursts when she was not understood. The family then had Anne Sullivan come to their house. She taught Helen sign language. She was then taken to Sarah Fuller where she taught her how to speak by having Helen's hand on her mouth when she spoke. This made her stop her outbursts.

Later in Her Life

She went on to become a world- famous speaker and author even when she is deaf/blind. She also became an advocate for many people with disabilities showing that you can over come them and become great. She had many accomplishments during her life and was a role model to many people. Sadly, on June 1, 1968, Helen Keller dies at the age of 87 in West-port, Connecticut.
Mini Bio: Helen Keller


Helen's greatest accomplishment was learning how to speak when she cant even hear herself but she also had many more. She also learned to speak several languages. She wrote her own biography called The Story of My Life, was the first blind/deaf person to earn a Bachelors of Art degree, and founded Helen Keller International that helps get rid of preventable blindness.

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