Overcoming life's Knockdowns

Me getting getting knockeddown

I believe that in life, you have to have a reason for whatever it is you’re doing. Be brave enough to write down every one of your goals down but sometimes life is going to hit you in your mouth and your ‘Why’ has to be greater than that Knock Down. Everyone, and I mean everyone, gets knocked down at some point. Whether it's in the ring, school, work, and even trying to pursue your dream. Now the problem isn't getting knocked down, the problem is staying down. I once heard a wise man say, “It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward.” My experience of a knockdown was a physical knockdown. It was the third round; out of five. I was evidently the smaller and was not the favored opponent. It was one the most intense fight i've ever been in. Earlier in that round I got hit by a low blow, but there was no points deducted. The fighter was switching between orthodox and southpaw stance trying to throw me off my game, I saw an opening and went in to land a body shot, but since my arms length was shorter, my opponent was able to land a hook before my punch, I fall back against the ropes, he lands a hard right to my stomach and I collapse on the canvas, everything became blurry and i couldn't hear anything, after a couple seconds I heard the number 3 come out of the refs mouth realizing he was counting. My vision became clear again, I look up, I look in my corner, and I see my trainers yelling at me to get up. I think to myself, a canvas is no place for a champion, i grab my mouthpiece, and grab the ropes to help get up by the count of 8. When the fight continued i just focused on defense which mainly meant using the shoulder roll stance, waiting for the 3rd round to end. After the round ended I went back to my corner. I battled it out the next three rounds making a great comeback, knocking him down with a strong jab in the 6th round(which was the final round.). At the end there were three judges. The first judge scored it 75-73 a lost for me, the second judge scored it 76-72 a win for me, and third judge scored it 75-75 for a tie. Since it was a G.G championship fight there had to be a winner, so they had to call in a fourth judge, he had to go in the back and watch the fight on video, after 20 or so minutes he came out and released his decision with a 76-75 giving my opponent the win.
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What to take from

Although I didn't win, I learned something that day. No matter how hard life knocks me down, if I commit with the right mindset, I will always get, and keep going. If life ever knocks you down, try to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up. Something esle i took from it, and others took from it is that you need a reason for everything you do.
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