Get Healthy!

By Marina 7G

It Says:

"For the first time in recorded history, our younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents due to obesity" - Rob Merrifield, Alberta MP

I Say:

I think that this quote helps spread awareness about the health problems child obesity can cause, and tells us that we need to live a healthier lifestyle. Children, and especially teens, have not been getting enough exercise. They are sitting around watching television and playing video games instead of doing physical activities. People also eat a lot more food now as well, and a large portion of it is unhealthy food. These eating habits combined with inactivity can make people obese, and lead to serious health problems such as heart disease. Some people do not realize how unhealthy they are, and they do not realize there are serious consequences, such as a shorter life span, when you do not lead a healthy life. This quote educates people, and helps them understand the severity of child obesity.

And So:

The solution to this problem is simple. It is to live a healthier life. Children should be encouraged to spend time outside playing with their friends or playing sports instead of watching television. Parents should buy healthy food as well, not junk like deep fried foods. This matters a lot. If people lived healthier lifestyles and encouraged others to do the same, then child and adult obesity would not be a problem, as no one would be obese. We should all try our best to eat healthy and exercise daily, and help others understand why they should live a healthy life. That is how we could solve the problem that is child obesity.
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