Patrols the border of U.S. and Mexico


A border patrol agent keeps people from Mexico coming to the U.S. illegally and smuggling drugs and people.

Dangers of Border Patrol

Being a border patrol agent is dangerous for many reasons. It is common for rocks to fall on the U.S. and Mexico border. also, people who are crossing the border illegally might have a weapon.

Travel & Advantages

Being a border patrol agent does not require any travel other than traveling up and down the border. There are advantages for being a border patrol agent other than being part of law enforcement.


You do not need a degree, but it would be helpful to be fluent in english and spanish. Two Univerities that teach spanish are: Penn State and Temple University.

Pictures of Border Patrol


The base enty salary for a border patrol agent is about $38,000. Of course, this changes with higher ranks.