Bad Magic

6th Grade Book Project


Bad Magic starts with a normal kid Clay walking into school. Clay gets blamed for spray painting a school wall with the words Bad Magic. He gets sent to Earth Ranch which is a camp for misbehaving youths. He meets friends like Leira and Kwan and others. He explores much of the island and gets caught in strange conflicts.


Clay is a 12 year old boy that preferred not to attract attention. When he walks into school and everyone starts staring and giggling he thought something was a little sketchy. Later will he realize that he was... BLAMED! ("Blamed for what you might be asking and that's what I'm going to tell you.") Clay was blamed for writing his signature line, Bad Magic in his handwriting on a school wall. After a long discussion with his parents they decide to send to him to Earth Ranch a camp for misbehaving youth. He gets flown on a plane and ditched there with the phrase beware the you-bury.


When Clay arrives at camp he is greeted with a girl named Leira stealing his wallet. (I know worst greeting ever am I right?) He gets introduced to the customs of camp and meets his roommates. Kwan, Pedro, and Buzz. They do many things together such as pulling weeds (I know boring) and Swimming. After they pull weeds (which I just stated they did) he meets Flint which he calls the pyrotechnics guy. After a long day Clay wakes up in the middle of the night he sees Buzz sleep walking towards the bathrooms he sees a fire erupt in the bathrooms he rushes over to wake up Buzz and as soon as he does the fire just disappears. It was Flint but he says otherwise.

The End

So right now his roommates are angry and so is Leira from insulting her. So he patches things up with Leira by taking a dare. Going to the U-Brary (or the Price Public Library.) He cracks the code of the U-Brary and enters he gets caught by the custodian and sent back out. He goes back home knowing everything is well. When he lands he remembers the writing on the wall and investigates. Later he figures out it was his missing brother the whole time!


Bad Magic was a fascinating book that got me hooked almost instantly. To any vivid reader I would recommend this at any time.