Curveballs in Life

Divorce, by Debbie

So, did you ever think you would get a divorce?

Well, If you asked me that question 25 years ago, I would have told you "no way!" We were both very religious people and based our marriage on catholic values. We were excited for the future and excited to grow old together. After that I was a loving wife and homemaker, that was our normal. That's what made it a such curve ball. It has been nothing but curve balls since I got the divorce. I did not see this coming.

How did you know it was time?

Our divorce was far past due. My ex-husband lost his job in 2010, started gambling and went through all of our savings and retirement. We were both in our late 40's, had two kids, a mortgage, car payments and had absolutely no money coming in. I had to go to work at a gas station just to pay some of the bills. Eventually our house went into foreclosure, the cars repossessed and I had to move back into my parents house at the age of 51. I am now trying to build my life back up, saving money and trying to get out of debt.

Socio-cultural experiences that helped lend a hand to the divorce