Riding a horse

Taniya Loyd

The first thing I did at Ana's house was go out side to see her farm animals.I saw her three horses and a herd of sheep and a whole lot of chickens.A day later i got to ride on her horse Princess .She is a big brown horse .Ana showed Briana an I how to ride.Then I hopped on it was so hard to get on because she was so big.Princess was a little scared a few times then stopped

After that I got the hang of it.Then Briana hopped on behind me.It was a lot more wobbly and scarier I thought we were going to fall off.Briana kept squeezing my stomach and got nervous a whole lot which Princess smelt.We did it we held on and didn't fall off.After that Briana got off and nearly both of us fell she dragged me down when she hopped down.

I had fun it was very scary but I did it I rode a horse for the first time in my life.

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