Prometheus and the Story of Fire

By Dan and Nick


A war between the gods and the titans, which the gods won with the help of Prometheus to overthrow Cronus. After the war Prometheus and Epimetheus were in charge of providing gifts for all living things on Earth. When Epimetheus ran out of gifts for humans because he was saving the best gifts for last he asked Prometheus for help. In response Prometheus goes to Mt. Olympus and steals fire from the gods. When Zeus, king of the gods, finds out Prometheus stole fire, he punished Prometheus by chaining him to the top of a mountain. He also had an eagle swoop down and peck out his liver everyday. Titans can never die so his liver grew back every single day. And as a punishment for Epimetheus, Zeus created a woman named Pandora, gave her a box and told her never to open it, and of course, she did. When she opened the box, all of the bad things like plagues, diseases, and all the negative things in the world today came out. But, there was one thing that was left in the box. That one thing is hope, and there is still hope today.
The Stickfigure Story of Prometheus and Epimetheus

Interview With Prometheus and Hercules

Q: Hello I'm here with Prometheus at the top of a mountain.

A: Hello.

Q: How are you doing today?

A: I am doing bad.

Q: Why is that?

A: I have been chained to the top of a mountain by Zeus and he made an eagle come and eat my liver out everyday.

Q: That is not good. If there is one thing you could change that you have done, what would it be and why?

A: I would change two things. They would be, giving fire to humans and letting Pandora open the box of bad things. I would change these because then I wouldn't be up here right now.

Q: I see. What does it feel like getting your liver ripped out by an eagle?

A: It feels horrible but after a while you kind of get used to it.

Q: How do you feel about Zeus?

A: I do not like what he did but I did make a big mistake and I deserve to be punished, but not like this.

Q: Oh and who is that I see approaching? It looks like Hercules.

A: Yes, it is.


Q: Now I am here with the god Hercules. What are you doing here?

A: I am here to save Prometheus from Zeus's harsh punishment.

Q: Did you hear that folks! Prometheus is about to be saved.

A: Yes, that is why I am here.

Q: Are you sure you can do this?!

A: Yes, I took down the nine-headed Hydra, so I can definitely rescue Prometheus.

Q: Ok, then how do you feel about Zeus?

A: I respect him greatly but I do not think it is right how he would put Prometheus to "die" at the top of a mountain.

Q: I agree. Now why would you even think about saving Prometheus?

(Prometheus in the background) "THANKS!"

A: I do not like when people are punished like this, so that is why I am here to save Prometheus.


A: OK!

Prometheus vs The Hulk


•Prometheus and The Hulk both fight on forces for good

•They both help the human race

•They both live on Earth

•They're both males

•They have sidekicks or some help


•The Hulk is green, Prometheus isn't

•Prometheus gets upset at his brother Cronus, The Hulk can get mad at anything

•Prometheus thinks before he acts; sometimes, The Hulk doesn't

•Prometheus makes fire for humans, The Hulk causes some fires on accident

•The Hulk is a mortal, Prometheus is a titan (immortal)

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