Dot Dollars Mystery Hostess Show!

Dot Dollar Earners - Win The Hostess Rewards!

You Earned Dot Dollars - Yay!

If you are receiving this email that means you shopped in June and earned Dot Dollars, which is basically shopping for half off. When you spend $50 - you get to use$25 Dot dollars, when you spend $100, you get to use $50 dot dollars (if you earned more than one $25 dot dollar rewards). You all should have received your Dot Dollar codes today. However, I will personally email each of you your codes just in case you didn't get them.

Dot Dollars Mystery Hostess Show

Wednesday, July 9th, 7am to Tuesday, July 15th, 12pm

On your computer - or stop by my house!

If you are not familiar with Hostess Rewards then here's the info in a pinch: when a gal hosts a trunk show with me, then she is eligible for hostess rewards (FREE product credit and to shop half off - depending on the sales of the show). My hostesses earn an average of $250 and get to shop half off 4 items (NO minimal purchase necessary - just pay for taxes and shipping - flat $5.95).

The Know - How

Get your codes near your computer. Shop this Dot Dollars Mystery Hostess trunk show link:

This link will take you to all Stella & Dot has to offer + our July 4th Sale! Our accessories and bags are so stylish and cute! Use your codes at check out! Get ready to get your items within 3 - 5 days!

Shop Half Off + Opportunity To Win Hostess Rewards!

Check out the video below- these items are available at half off July ONLY via trunk shows ONLY. Also, for every $25 spent (pre-tax & shipping) you will get an entry to win the hostess rewards. Dot Dollars redemption period ends on July 15th. So now till July 15 is the only time you can use your Dot Dollars. On the 16th I will post a video of one of my children drawing the winner out of a bowl and I will email the video to each of you. Good luck to each of you! And don't forget - you need to order through this link in order for a chance to win: