Electrostatics: Photo copier

A Project on Electrostatics

The Electrostatic Photo copier

You may think that photo copiers just take a picture of something electronically then copies the picture onto a sheet of paper, but it is much different. There is a whole lot of science behind the photo copier. There are many different parts of the printer that the paper goes through to make actual print on the paper as I will explain below.
Xerography principle, Rate My Science

These are some steps in how it works

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In Depth

What happens inside the photo copier?

The Photo copier sends a beam of light to the sheet of paper or surface that they want that reflects onto the selenium coated drum that charge the drum so that the positive parts where the words are, and makes the rest of the drum negative so that when the paper goes through the toner where the paper gets "printing" on it by the heated toner. The electrons then leave the toner and attract onto the paper called "fixing" the image then showing the image onto the paper.
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By:Tyler Lee