Do You Feel Ambushed by Vultures?

Advertisers Ambush People with Unrealistic Ideas of Beauty


Do you feel ambushed when you are just watching television? Or staring at your phone? This feeling occurs because advertisers who make ads and commercials use unrealistic ideas of beauty. They use beautiful, stick thin, Barbie-like models to demonstrate and sell their products.


The problem with teens being exposed to the media is their concept of self image. Commercials and ads make people, specifically woman, feel insecure about their bodies and looks. With products on the market like Barbie, the infamous doll with a perfect body, teens feel pressured to be just like her, even if it is unrealistic. In this article about Barbie, it states, "The Barbie doll, with its perennially attractive face, silky hair, shapely body, and myriad beauty accessories, came under attack as promoting an obsession with "good" looks. Critics of the doll used the term Barbie to describe a beautiful but empty-headed woman" (Sara). Young girls who see Barbie will notice these traits. But they won't just notice them- they will want them. And they will do anything to be like Barbie, even if it means not eating.


Women and men could develop an eating disorder, start dieting, or even begin harming themselves all because of the negative affect of the media. Everyday people, including young children, feel ugly or unpopular all because they don't have the newest beauty products. They not only look at the products and feel ugly, but they go out and purchase the product immediately. They develop insecurities and feel the need to put on all of this makeup to cover up their ugliness. "There's so much emphasis placed on this social expectation, in fact, that in some cases women, and inevitably some men, may actually be subjecting themselves to unprecedented and dangerous levels of various makeup products" (Maybe). In reality, women and men are beautiful as they are. No one should fall pray or be manipulated by the techniques advertisers use. Everyone should feel beautiful because they are, and if that means turning off the television or electronics for a couple of hours a day, then that's what it takes.


With all these beauty products on the market, people feel the need to put it all on to be beautiful, when in reality, it is harming their bodies and not showing the real them. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way and should not feel the need to cover up their true colors.


Olivia Singh- Wrote the introduction and the problem.

Ashlyn Seale- Wrote the solution and the conclusion.

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