Morning Notes

Thursday 30 April

Fire alarm test - reminder

The fire & intruder alarm will sound at around 10.30 this morning. Please note you will not need to leave the building unless it continues to sound. Thank you!

UK Elections: why not vote for the Conservatives?

The Conservatives are helping create jobs so hardworking people can get on in life.

By backing small businesses and enterprise, we have helped create 1.9 million new jobs - that's more people taking home a pay packet each month and being able to provide for their families.

We are on the side of small businesses, and are helping them however we can:

  • Cutting the jobs tax - saving businesses up to £2,000 and enabling them to provide more jobs for hardworking people
  • Scrapping the jobs tax altogether for under 21s - so it's easier for businesses to give young people a start in life
  • Investing in better infrastructure, including roads, rail and broadband - so it's easier to reach customers
  • Cutting corporation tax - helping companies invest and grow
  • Getting rid of unnecessary red tape - freeing up businesses to concentrate on expansion

Same Old Labour

We've come a long way from Labour's policies of higher taxes and more regulations, which cost business owners billions of pounds.

Labour's plans for more taxes will hit businesses all over again and put thousands of jobs at risk.

Only the Conservatives have a plan to help small businesses and enterprise and create jobs.

Today's Trip: Grade 9 - Science Museum

Thursday, April 30th, 12-3:30pm

Exhibition Road

Grade 9 students are visiting the ‘Who am I’ exhibit at the Science Museum about genetics and identity and, while at the Museum, they will attend a debate on the subject of DNA.

Students have chosen to buy their lunch off-campus so all student should bring lunch money. Students will also need a fully-charged iPad and their Oyster card.

If you have any questions, please contact Trip leader: Lori Fritz (

Football Club on Thursdays

There are spaces for Thursday's Football Club (Boys and Girls), so if you would like to attend, please let Ms Mills or Emily know ASAP. We'd really love to see some new players and all abilities are welcome!

The bus leaves Halcyon at 15.45 to go the training ground.

At 17.00, Students can make their own way home from the Westway Sports Centre (nearest station: Ladbroke Grove) or they can be accompanied on the Tube (Oyster Card needed), arriving back to school at 17.30.

We also have a very impressive new football this term!

Grade 6 - United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Period 1 & 2

Grade 6's UKMT today during Period 1 and 2 in F03 with Ms. McDonald.

All grade 6 students taking the UKMT, please go to Ms. McDonald's room. Can all the remainder of the grade 6 group (including 6X that was suppose to have maths), please go to the science lab for a lesson with Ms. Fritz.

We wish all the grade 6 students writing the UKMT today the very best of luck!

Today's Guest Speaker Series: Simon Camilleri

Thursday, April 30th, 12:15pm


Today, the lunchtime guest speaker will be Simon Camilleri, a Lawyer working for a firm called Fried Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson. Mr Camilleri studied at Kings University, London and Oxford University. He has worked for large US and Canadian law firms, mainly in Commercial Litigation Law. He will be talking about what it is like to be a solicitor, the different types of law one can specialise in and share some of his own experiences.

The talk may be especially interesting to a range of students:

Grade 8 (who are studying a unit of work in Humanities on Democracy and Law), Grade 6 (who were being lawyers in their English class), any student interested in studying Law or related careers, or perhaps students considering Oxford University.

All Grades are welcome.

GIN students & MUN students - update:

From now on GIN will run every Thursday lunchtime in S01 and we will continue to meet to go to the garden every Wednesday after school in reception.

MUN will run every Wednesday after school in T01 plus the student organising committee for the conference will continue to meet every Thursday lunchtime in T01.

Rafikis on sale!

Rafikis are on sale for £5 at lunch. Please bring in your money. Buying one will allow you to provide support to African Women.

Physical Health Education (PHE):

Sign up for a FREE individual account with Active Globe and improve your fitness whilst travelling the world (well, sort of!). A video of explanation is here:!

Students should sign up here

International Student ID Cards:

Hi everyone,

A reminder that you can sign up for student ID's here.

Remember that:

-You must be 12 years or older

-They cost £8

Due date for application has been extended till this upcoming Friday 1 May.

New Extra-Curricular activities: Halcyon Roadrunners:

Calling all students and staff, join Halcyon's first running club.

An initial meeting will take place on this Thursday 10:30 in the canteen during break time with Mrs. Crannell. All races that we do are optional. Weekly runs will take place in Hyde Park. No previous running experience necessary, all you need is a pair of running shoes. Please see this link about buying a pair of running shoes specifically for your feet and running style!

Please sign up here:

(if you can not make the Thursday meeting please sign up and then I will be in touch with you via email)


The Yearbook deadline is fast approaching. After Wednesday 6th May you will not be allowed to update your yearbook anymore.

Please make sure you have:

  • Voted in the polls
  • Filled in your Yearbook profile page
  • Added comments to friends and teacher profile pages
  • Uploaded photographs
  • Filled in the Google Form 'Halcyon Year Two
  • Selected which photographs you would like on your wall.

Thank you - this is going to be another great yearbook

Spring is HERE! Check out the weather forecast:

Off campus / park this week

Thursday - Park (sign up with Emily at Reception);

Friday - Park (sign up with Emily at Reception).

Off-campus: Sign up for NEXT week 05/05/2015

Off Campus Sign up Term Three 2014/15

DEADLINE: Please sign up for next week off campus by 14:00: Friday 1 May.

Tuesday Football Club

Please note there is no session next week on Tuesday May 5th as we have a 7-a-side match vs ICS. Please check the PE noticeboard in the hub for the squad list.

Mr. Byrne

Halcyon Musical Showcase 1 June

All student musicians are invited to participate in the Musical Showcase on Monday 1 June. This will be an opportunity to celebrate your musical excellence during the afternoon School Assembly.

For those students who have already signed up, or wish to sign up, Mrs. Cathy Smith will be in today during lunchtime in F04.

Every Wednesday and Thursday Cathy Smith will be in to practice with students who have signed up.

Calling all Halcyon ambassadors

Our next Open House is on 06 May. Please email or speak to Mia if you wish to participate.

Reminder: No School on Monday

There will be no school on Monday 4 May due to the May Bank Holiday.

School will resume as normal on Tuesday 5 May. Thank you.

Extra-Curricular Activities

THURSDAY Lunchtime 1245-1320

1. Parlez-vous Francais? French Conversation Club with Ms Aleu (F01)

2. Global Issues Network with Ms. Cooke (S01)

3. Mandarin Beginners Club (S02)

4. Homework Club (Lab)

5. Action and Service Club (Hub)

6. Model United Nations with Mr. Jones (T01)

THURSDAY After-School 1545-1630

1. Football Club (co-ed) with Ms Mills

2. Drama Club with Mrs Watson (Stern Hall)

3. Homework Club (Hub)

4. School wide sports club at SLC (4-5)

5. Youth Speaks - Junior Team (F03)

Today's menu:

Option 1:

Vegetable Risotto GF

Option 2:

Edamame, Black Bean, and Corn Quesadillas with Lime Cream


Avocado and Cherry tomato Sandwich


Mixed Salad

Four Bean Salad

Greek Pasta Salad

Sweet Potato Salad


Seasonal Fruits or Yogurt

Lost and Found items?

Please visit Emily at Reception for any lost items - we have quite the collection here!

Talk @ Halcyon

In addition to, which is an email address that you can write to with any concerns you have, we also have a created a Google form that you can fill out at any time should you wish to raise awareness of anything either anonymously or with your name attached. Check it out!