#100DaysFit Kick-Off Workout

What could you do in 100 days?

Summer is only 100 days away.

Are you dreaming of swim suit season or are they more panic-filled nightmares? Whether you have a trainer, gym, plan or not -- kick off your 100 day goal with a free workout. Then share your goals, follow along and stay motivated by following the #100DaysFit hashtag on twitter and facebook.

FREE Bootcamp!

Saturday, March 23rd 2013 at 7-8am

Bellaire Town Square, 7004 S Rice Blvd, Bellaire, TX 77401

We’re kicking off #100DAYSFIT Houston-style by inviting our friends … and their friends ... and their friends of friends to get in shape and have fun with us. On Saturday, March 23 at 7am @ Bellaire Town Square. Be there or be square. This ain’t no Jane Fonda calisthenics. All skill levels welcome.

What’s #100DAYSFIT? It’s a personal online campaign to motivate and transform Houston in time for summer. Want to participate? Follow Kelly at @lonestarfit for 100 days of tips, workouts and recipes. Share your journey using hashtag #100DAYSFIT.

Lonestar Bootcamp

Lonestar Bootcamp is a fun, motivational, outdoor small-group fitness class in Bellaire, Texas mixing calisthenics, plyometrics, obstacle courses and circuit drills tailored for all skill sets. Led by West Point grad, personal trainer and Army Master Fitness Trainer, Kelly Lynch specializes in weight loss, body transformations and injury rehabilitation. Follow her online at @lonestarfit and facebook.com/lonestarbootcamp. More at http://bit.ly/lonestarfit.