Watertown Vocational Education


3 Ways to Access Vocational/Technical Education

  1. At Watertown High School

  2. Outside Watertown High School

  3. After Watertown High School

Vocational Programs at Watertown High School

3 Vocational Pathways at WHS beginning in grade 10

  • Engineering Technology (20)

  • Medical Assisting (15)

  • Digital Media Communication (15)

Engineering Technology

Potential Careers:

● CNC Machinist

● Quality Control Technician

● Manufacturing Technician

● Field Service Technician

● Customer Service Technician

● Engineering Technician

● Test Technician

● R & D Technician

● Electronic Assembler

● Mechanical Assembler

● Engineer (4-Yr College)

Medical Assisting

Potential Careers:

● EMT / Paramedic

● Medical Billing

● Medical Coder

● Medical Lab Technician

● Nurse Practitioner

● Occupational Therapist

● Pharmacy Technician

● Phlebotomist

● Physical Therapist

● Physician Assistant

● Registered Nurse

● Respiratory Therapist

● Surgical Technician

● Pharmacist

● Licensed Practical Nurse

Digital Media Communication

Potential Careers:

● Production Director

● Producer

● Video Editor

● News Reporter

● News Anchor

● News Director

● Camera Operator

● Control Engineer

● Technical Director

● Sales and Marketing

● Broadcasting Management

Outside Watertown High School

Massachusetts General Law (MGL c.74)

“The Chapter 74 Non-resident Student Tuition Program provides students the opportunity to attend a school outside of their district of residence to study a state-approved vocational technical education program that is not offered by their district of residence. Such programs are approved pursuant to M.G.L. c. 74 and 603 CMR 4.00 and are known as Chapter 74-approved programs. The tuition for students who attend a school outside of their resident district under this program is paid by the city or town of residence at a rate established by the Commissioner. The transportation for students who attend a school outside of their resident district under this program is provided by the city or town of residence.”

Process to Apply for Admission

“Students who seek admission to a school outside of their district of residence must follow the admission process of the school to which they seek admission, including using the school-provided application for admission. The application for admission must be submitted to the receiving school no later than March 15 of the preceding school year.

In addition, a non-resident student must submit a Chapter 74 Vocational Technical Education Program Nonresident Student Tuition Application to the superintendent of the student’s district of residence by April 1 of the preceding year.”

Caveats to Admission

“The receiving school shall admit resident students who meet the minimum requirements for admission prior to acceptance of any non-resident students seeking the same course of study.

Under the Non-resident Student Tuition Program, a non-resident student has the right to remain in the receiving school until completion of his/her secondary program unless the student changes his or her program or moves out of the district of residence. A change of district of residence or a change in program will require the submission of a new Chapter 74 Vocational Technical Education Program Nonresident Student Tuition Application.

The receiving school is required to notify a non-resident student in writing that admission is program specific and that a change in program or district of residence by a non-resident student will require the submission of a new Chapter 74 Vocational Technical Education Program Nonresident Student Tuition Application.”

Massachusetts School Finder


Area Vocational/Technical High Schools

Minuteman High School, Lexington, MA https://www.minuteman.org/ - 10 miles

Keefe Regional Technical School, Framingham, MA https://www.keefetech.org/ - 22 miles

Northeast Metro Tech, Wakefield, MA https://northeastmetrotech.com/ - 15 miles

Blue Hills Regional Technical School, Canton, MA https://www.bluehills.org/ - 22 miles

Medford Vocational Technical High School, Medford, MA https://mhs-mvths.mps02155.org/ - 7 miles

(NOTE: Not accepting out-of-district freshmen at this time, rising sophomores may apply)

Essex North Shore Agricultural/Technical School, Danvers, MA https://essexnorthshore.org/ - 25 miles

Area Comprehensive High Schools with Chapter 74 Programs

Cambridge Rindge School of Technical Arts (RSTA), Cambridge, MA https://rsta.cpsd.us/ - 4 miles

Somerville High School, Somerville, MA https://somerville.k12.ma.us - 5 miles

Waltham High School, Waltham, MA https://walthamma.sites.thrillshare.com/o/whs - 5 miles

Next Steps for 8th or 9th Graders

  1. Contact schools of interest, some may not be accepting out-of-district students (local application)

  2. Complete an application for admission by March 15th (Visit the school website for the local form)

  3. Provide non-resident tuition form to Watertown Superintendent’s Office for approval by April 1st

  4. Await acceptance and orientation information

After Watertown High School

A Few Examples of Adult Programs