Fulton Science Academy

Week of December 7, 2015


I would like to begin this newsletter by congratulating our Science Olympiad Team, Math Olympiad Team and Robotics Team for their recent achievements.


Thank you to all our students for their hard work. Parents should expect to see the scores by the end of this week after the makeups are done.


We would like to encourage our families to visit school wide science fair. The science fair is beginning tomorrow, December 8th and will continue to be open till December 15.


If you have not yet applied for State Tax Credit Scholarship Program, please apply by December 15 - Please CLICK HERE for further information.


Our Annual Giving Campaign is well on its way and we would like for you to be a part of the giving. Please note that you may donate at any amount level. It is more important that you participate. Please find the details here: http://fultonscienceacademy.org/giving-back/

Thank you for all you do.


If you are looking for a fun and heart-warming holiday movie to watch, check out Fulton Science Academy student Luke Westerfield in the feature film “Headed South For Christmas” now available on Amazon and iTunes! Luke plays plays “Tyler” who welcomes his older cousin Mackenzie to his house at Christmas time. For additional information, go to the movie page at https://www.facebook.com/SouthForTheWinter.”


Finally, the time has come. We are adding 9th grade to our school next year. Please see detailed information about our high school program here: http://fultonscienceacademy.org/high-school-program/


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FSAPS Middle School Math Team @ Lassiter Math Tournament - Varsity Division

FSAPS Middle School Math Team did an amazing job on Saturday, Dec 7th during Lassiter High School's Math Tournament in Varsity division (competed against 11th and 12th graders)!

FSAPS Middle School Math Team-A received 9th place as a team in varsity level and our team was the only middle school team placed among top ten in varsity division. Isn't that amazing! Our team was also recognized as the best novice team in varsity level. This is an award given to schools who didn't participate in this competition last year and showed an outstanding performance on last Saturday! Congratulations to FSAPS Middle School Math Team for their wonderful performance @ varsity level! Way to go!!

FSAPS Middle School Math Team-A

Charlie Furniss - 8th grade

Holden Watson - 7th grade

Vishaal Ram - 7th grade

Tyler Hecht - 7th grade


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On Saturday, December 5th , our Robotics teams, Optimus Primates, Coding Force and Techno Tigers, went to two different FLL Regional Qualifiers.

Team Optimus Primates received "Best Robot Performance Award" and "Strategy & Innovation Award".

Best Robot Performance Award recognizes a team that scores the most points during the Robot Game.

Strategy and Innovation Award recognizes a team that uses solid engineering practices and a well- developed strategy to design and build an innovative, high performing robot.

Optimus Primates includes the following students:

Samen Cheema,Abhin Gutta, Celil Teber,Sedat Akgun,Jacob Grisgsby,Suat Kilic ,Taha Tas, Faris Unal

Coding Force includes:

Behaving Shah, Trent Utterback, Pranav Devalapalli, Jonah LeeKarina, ShahPranavkrishan Suresh, Kevin Yuan ,IpsitaBhattacharya

Techno Tigers:

Admit Anand, Madison DeBellis, Tejas Gupta, Satvik Obili, Noah Daley, Shreyan Ghelani

All Teams did a fantastic job, and we are still waiting for the notification of the qualification FLL Super regional. We wish all teams good luck.

Congratulations Science Olympiad- 3rd Place at Chattahoochee

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On Saturday, December 5 Fulton Science Academy Private School Science Olympiad Team competed in the Chattahoochee Invitational in Johns Creek. This was the first tournament of the season and included teams from throughout the metro Atlanta area, Tennessee, and Alabama. The FSA team took third place behind Bearden Middle School from Knoxville, Tennessee and Dodge Middle School from Marietta. Several FSA students earned medals in their events.

Head Coaches Pam Walsh and Gloria Stathos were pleased with the team’s performance. “This early in the season it’s difficult to be prepared for each of the 23 events. Building events require a lot of testing and calibrating. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are making progress,” said Mrs. Walsh.

Individual awards were earned by the following students:

Air Trajectorycoached by Ms. Tang

2nd Place – Christina Wang & Andre Hamelberg

Anatomycoached by Dr. Owens, Ms. Hobbs, & Mrs. Uppaluri

5th Place – Sophie Richardson & Sanjeev Uppaluri

Bio Process Labcoached by Ms. Pratap

1st Place – Sruthi Chatrathi & Avinash Pratap

5th Place – Sparsh Kudrimoti & Will Mutsch

Bottle Rocketscoached by Mr. Parlak

3rd Place – Sparsh Kudrimoti & Shivani Naraharishetty

Bridgescoached by Mr. Parlak

1st Place – Sparsh Kudrimoti & Pranav Madadi

4th Place – Andre Hamelberg & Ananya Pottabhathini

Disease Detectivescoached by Mrs. Bhatt & Ms. Chirumamilla

5th Place – Sruthi Chatrathi & Akash Bhatt

Dynamic Planetcoached by Mrs. Walsh

1st Place – Mira Mutnick & Sophie Richardson

Elastic Launch Glidercoached by Mrs. Walsh

5th Place – Isabelle Smith & Sid Thatipamula

Experimental Designcoached by Mrs. Stathos

2nd Place – Mira Mutnick, Sophie Richardson & Sruthi Chatrathi

Fossilscoached by Ms. Beres

2nd Place – Sanjeev Uppaluri & Bella Sims

Green Generationcoached by Ms. Larson

2nd Place – Christina Wang & Ananya Pottabhathini

Invasive Speciescoached by Mrs. Butler

3rd Place – Will Mutsch & Pranav Madadi

5th Place – Bella Sims & Avinash Pratap

Meteorologycoached by Mrs. Walsh

5th Place – Sanjeev Uppaluri & Chance Crigler

Picture Thiscoached by Ms. Fichter

4th Place – Avinash Pratap & Christina Wang

Reach for the Starscoached by Mrs. Walsh

2nd Place – Jay Epstein & Saad Maan

Road Scholarcoached by Mrs. Stathos

2nd Place – Sophie Richardson & Sruthi Chatrathi

Scramblercoached by Mr. Parlak

5th Place –Andre Hamelberg & Ameya Rekapalli

Write It, Do Itcoached by Mrs. Stathos

5th Place – Mira Mutnick & Sophie Richardson


December 8 Elementary dress down day for AR Goal Achievers (teachers notified relevant students)

December 8 School Wide Science Fair

December 10 Fernbank Museum (K-2)

December 10 Band and Orchestra Concert 5:30 pm

December 13 Open House for Prospective Families

December 15 - Last Day to Apply for End of Year Field Trip to Orlando

December 15 - Last Day to Apply for State Tax Credit Scholarship

December 16 Talent Show Pre-K- 4th 8:15-10:15am, 5th-8th 1:45-3:30pm

December 17 Elementary Winter Celebration

December 18 Last day of 1st Semester, Awards ceremonies, Elementary at 1:30 pm, Middle School at 2:30 pm

December 21-January 4 Winter Break


Last Friday, we have hosted some heroes from our community. The members of Alpharetta Department of Public Safety was at our school to conduct a school safety training for the department. We thank these heroes very much for all they do for the safety of all of us.
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Wonderful Holiday Season Recital

We want to congratulate all the students in the Private Music Lesson Program who performed in the recital yesterday evening! You all played beautifully and we are so proud of you. A big thank you to the parents and families who came out to support them. What a terrific way to celebrate this Holiday season! Please see a scene from the event here:
Fulton Science Academy Recital


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4th Annual Statewide Math Geniuses Competition was successfully held on Sunday, December 6th at our school! There were total 165 students participated from all over GA at this challenging math competition!

Students competed in three levels.

Level I is for grades 1 through 3

Level II is for grades 4 thru 6

Level III is for grades 7 and 8.

Top ten students in each level received trophy awards for their outstanding performance at this very challenging math competition! Top five students were also rewarded with cash prizes!

Congratulations to all winners!

Results will also be published at www.mathgeniuses.org website.


We enjoyed the visit of Enes Kanter to our school last Tuesday. We would like to thank him for the tickets to Atlanta Hawks vs. Oklahoma Thunders game on November 30. FSA basketball club and faculty had a great time watching the game.
Fulton Science Academy Enes Kanter
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5th through 8th Grade Orlando Trip April 29th - May 1st, 2016

FSA students are invited to join the end of year field trip to ORLANDO where they will have a chance to visit and see the educational opportunities at Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and other points of interest. Students will stay at an All-Star Disney Hotel.

We will have first class motor coaches equipped with a rest room and DVD’s.

The trip cost for parent chaperones and students is $650, which is all inclusive.


$250 by Tuesday, December 15, 2015

$200 by Friday, January 15, 2016

$200 by Monday, February 15, 2016

Application deadline is Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

$50 late application fee will apply after Friday, December 15, 2015.

Please return your checks (payable to FSA) or cash along with this application form to your child’s homeroom teacher. Space is limited to 44 students and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

1st Annual School-Wide Video Editing Competition

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Dear Students in 4th through 8th Grade,

FSA Principal’s Young Scholar Students are pleased to announce FSA’s 1st Annual School-Wide Video Editing Competition for Students in 4th through 8th Grade.

THEME: S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

We wanted to keep it broad so that students may create their video in a topic that they like. It could be about explaining a science or math theory/concept or it can also be about the season of giving and helping others. You name it. The spectrum is very board under the umbrella of S.T.E.A.M.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Please submit your video youtube link to fsayoungscholars@fultonscienceacademy.org by Monday, January 4, 2015

We think this will be a great project for all students in 4th through 8th grade to work on during winter break.

FORMAT: Feel free to use any video editing software and upload your video to YouTube. Suggested duration for the video is 3 to 5 minutes. Please only use materials recorded by you.

Please see an example video done by a high school student this year here: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2015-11-09-meet-ryan-chester-the-first-ever-breakthrough-junior-challenge-winner

This student won 1st place with this video and won $250,000 this year.


1st Place - $250

2nd Place - $200

3rd Place - $150

4th Place - $100

5th Place - $50

There will also be some additional surprise awards for best acting, best photography, best background music and so on. We will host a mini Oscar type of ceremony at our school to announce the winners and show their videos.

Any questions, you might have, please send an e-mail to fsayoungscholars@fultonscienceacademy.org

Enjoy your time preparing your videos.

Community Outreach Opportunities

Warm Gloves and Socks Charity Drive

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It is an awful truth that many people, even in our community, are victims of violence. Often times these people seek help from local organizations.

Family Haven, an organization in Forsyth County, offers safe shelter and needed items, for free to those in need. We can help them help others, by donating.

Cold winter weather is quickly approaching. Many people are in need of warm gloves and socks.

Make a difference in someone’s life.

Be kind and generous and bring in one or more pair of gloves and/or socks. Together we can help.

Your donations can be dropped off at the front office or your child can give them to his/her homeroom teacher.

We will accept donations until December 16th.

Student Council 10 Days of Caring Toy Drive

This year, our student council is going to host 10 Days of Caring. We are asking for students to donate new toys and gifts. These gifts will be going to the Children's Restoration Network,a non-profit agency which has been serving homeless children and mothers in Atlanta, Georgia since 1993. The Children's Restoration Network conducts programs and special events to provide a broad range of positive experiences for over 6,000 children across more than 134 shelters and group homes in 20 counties each year. We are asking for students to donate NEW toys or gifts for the children. All donations are greatly appreciate so we can put smiles on all of the kids' faces this Christmas. We are going to be doing this drive from December 7th to December 18th.

Empty water bottles needed!

We will be doing a special penguin craft activity during our Elementary Winter Celebration this year. We are in need of A LOT of empty water bottles size 16.9 fl. ounces... if you have empty water bottles at home, please send them in with your child! We would GREATLY appreciate it. These can be dropped off to the boxes in Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten hallway. Please keep the water bottle caps attached.

Homevisit- A great way to know your teacher!

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Happening this week!

Class winter Photos December 9th

Next week each elementary class will take a fun, wintery photo as a whole grade by one of our snowy scenes in the school so lovingly created by the PVO. This includes ALL elementary students Pre-K through 5th grade. We will pose each class one at a time so we can develop the photos in time to put them in individual frames to be decorated during our Elementary Winter Celebration. We want to really convey that we’re having a frosty good time, so please send your child to school with a big winter coat, scarf, mittens, hat, etc regardless of the weather outside. Thanks so much for your help and we promise the end result will be one VERY adorable photo!

Frosty Photo Date- Wednesday, December 9th- Students in Pre-K through 5th grade. Photos will be taken one class at a time beginning at 8:30 am.

pre-k-2nd grade fieldtrip December 10th

Pre- K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students will be heading on a field trip to The Fernbank Museum of Natural History on Thursday, December 10th. Students will begin the day with Wonders of the Arctic IMAX movie. From there, we will split up into smaller groups and explore the museum, eat lunch together, and check out the souvenirs shop on our way out.


    • When: We depart from school by 8:30am am and return to school between3:00 and 3:30 pm on December 10th
    • Where: 767 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30307 (404) 929-6300
    • How: Students and Chaperones will be transported using a school bus.
    • Cost: Students should bring $23 to their homeroom teacher in cash or a check made out to “FSAPS” by Monday, December 7th.
    • Lunch: Students can order lunch from WT Cafe OR bring a disposable sack lunch labeled with their name and grade.
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SAT Cabin Camp: Dec 11th - Dec 13th

SAT Cabin Camp: Dec 11th - Dec 13th

For all 7th & 8th grade students, a weekend practice camp will be held to prepare our students for the SAT Exam. The camp will be held in two cottages, one for boys and one for girls at Lake Linear. During the camp, students will practice with SAT Math Questions & will work on SAT Vocabulary.

We will leave at 5:30 pm on Friday from FSA and returning back around 12:00 pm on Sunday.

Contact person: Sema Duzyol, E-mail: sduzyol@fultonscienceacademy.org

The deadline to return this form: Friday, November 6th 2015

Cost per student: $75.00 for each camp including transportation, food and cottage.

For Your information


Dear FSA Families,

Our Annual Giving Campaign is well on its way and we would like for you to be a part of the giving. Our goal is 100% participation.

Please note that you may donate at any amount level. It is more important that you participate.

Please find the details here: http://fultonscienceacademy.org/giving-back/

Thank you for all you do.

Volunteers Needed for Winter Celebration

It's time for FSA's Wonderful Winter Celebration! We need volunteers on Thursday, December 17th! On this day, grades Pre-K through 3rd will rotate through different rooms all day with a break for lunch to participate different fun and creative activities. The teachers will be accompanying their classes throughout the day, so we need people to run and support these fun events. 4th and 5th grade will also participate, but in their own classrooms, supervised by their teachers. There are two time frames from 8:00 AM -11:00 AM and 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM. There is also an optional spot for anyone willing to come and support for an hour during lunch. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ACTIVITIES ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LUNCH HOUR!!!

Volunteers are welcome to sign up for both time frames and/or lunch if they would like. Hopefully we will get enough volunteers to cover all of the activities as well as a few extras to give teachers and full day volunteers a little break for lunch! So if you can only get away for your lunch hour you can be of help too! This is a unique opportunity to get to spend time with the kids, as well as the teachers. It really is fun!

To sign up, please click on the following link: http://vols.pt/xWyxBA . If you can’t spare your time, or even if you can, please be sure to see the other sign up for Winter Celebration. That sign up is for supplies to make these events run. Please try to lend your support wherever you can! If you have questions about volunteering, please feel free to contact Aimee Nobile- abloom3@earthlink.net.


Our new enrollment season has begun. Please note that this is for prospective parents only. For current families, there is nothing to do till second semester. At the beginning of second semester, you will be given your re-enrollment forms for next school year.

For detailed information about 2016 - 2017 admissions, please visit: http://fultonscienceacademy.org/admissions/admission

Returning Families applying for a sibling:

2016-2017 Admissions Information

Dear FSA Families - If you currently have a student at FSA and want to secure a spot for a sibling, please fill out the online application for the sibling. https://fsaconnect.fultonscienceacademy.org/application/application.php Once you have completed the online application, Mrs. Walsh will contact you with assessment information.

Please apply early as many elementary grades are currently full and spaces for next year will be limited.

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Elementary School


2nd Grade

Students in 2nd grade were instructed to create a compound machine that would make our lives easier for their Science Fair project. We had some very creative students in our 2nd grade classes! Students in Ms. P's class were incredibly creative with their inventions! We have machines like a "Dog Dumper" that helps you get your dog into the bath when they don't want to go to, a "Save O' Car 2000" that helps save cars that are stuck, a "Candy Launcher" that helps you get a piece of candy to your friend without having to walk it to them, and even a "Pencil Puller" that helps you get your pencil when it falls on the floor. Ms. P was so impressed with her students' creativity! We have some future scientists and inventors here at FSAPS.

Mrs. Houston's and Ms. Ramsey's third grade

Third grade classes combined Science and Writing when completing the "Oh, no! What's in our hot cocoa?" activity. Students used animal characteristics and classification terms to give clues to friends as to what was living inside their hot cocoa. Of course, no real animals were harmed in this activity!

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Mrs. Peacock's Music Class - Russian Dance Listening Activity from Nutcracker Ballet

I try to incorporate as many active listening lessons as I can throughout my time with the students, week to week. I find it more exciting for them and they tend to remember the ‘high points’ of the music, taking us respectfully further than necessary in the Georgia Performance Standards. The following recording is an example of what we did last week in the primary music classes.

I have them do movements that tell a story as the music is playing. This story is about the student painting a picture. Instead of taking using our “paint brushes” in a traditional way, we are throwing the paint on our canvas and then using our brushes to move the colors around. This is considered section “A” of the piece. In the “B” section we realize that something isn’t right about our painting and we decide to move it around the room to see if it improves… we turn it upside down and right side up again… and eventually we return to the “A” section with a Coda (or the ending)… this is very dramatic and the students are now throwing all of their paint on their canvas and using their hands to finish their painting. I have told them that Mom is calling their name at the end and they have to finish their painting before she opens the door to their room. You will hear them say “Hi Mom!” at the end. This ensures a strong pose to finish off the piece! We hope you enjoy our performance!

Fulton Science Academy Music Class

On going Programs

Six Flags Read to Succeed

If your child is in kindergarten through 6th grade, they are invited to participate in Six Flags' Read to Succeed Program! It is a fun incentive to get kids to read. Students need to record and log their reading over the next few months. If they submit a log with 6 hours of reading on it by Wednesday, February 24, 2016, they will receive one free ticket to Six Flags Over Georgia!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Only students in grades K through 6 are eligible to participate
  • Review the reading log provided by your child's language arts teacher. Your child should use this sheet to record what and how long he/she reads
  • Your child must complete 6 hours (360 minutes) of recreational reading
  • Please initial each entry and then sign the reading log to verify that the 6 hours of reading has been completed
  • Your child can read books, magazines, newspapers, or comic books (digital or hard copy). Reading for homework or a class assignment does NOT count!
  • Students can read silently, aloud, or with an adult - you can read to your child, or your child can read to you.
  • Remind your child to return the reading log to his/her language arts teacher by Wednesday, February 24, 2016. Your child's teacher will submit your child's information and minutes read.
  • Late entries will NOT be accepted

Happy reading!

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Accelerated Reader

AR Quizzes:

Please be reminded... AR quizzes will only be taken during school. I know in the past, students could take quizzes at home. This year, students will only be allowed to take quizzes during the school day.

There are plenty of opportunities for students to take AR tests during the week, as the teachers can check out the IPAD carts or take their class to use the computers in the media center.

AR Goals:

If your child reaches their goal by reading, taking, and passing the amount of AR quizzes assigned by their language arts teacher by the end of November, they will receive a dress down day at the end of the month for reaching their AR goal :)

Thank you for following these rules, Ms. P

Social Studies Fair

Fulton Science Academy has been very successful at all levels of the Social Studies Fair, with students taking first place in the state competition three times.

This year we are excited to be able to once again extend the project due date a bit so that it does not coincide quite as much as the Science Far. There will be checkpoints this semester, but the final paper and visuals will be due at the beginning of next semester rather than before the holiday break. It is our hope that this removes some of the burden and allows students to achieve their full potential on both projects.

Important due dates to note:

12/08/15 - research complete

01/06/16 - paper due

01/12/16 - visual due

01/20/16 - school fair

Father's Sports Night

Dear Fathers of FSA Students,

If you have time, please join us to have some fun time together.

Every Saturday at 6:30pm – Soccer Game 1

Every Saturday at 7:25pm - Soccer Game 2

Every Saturday at 8:20pm - Basketball Game

Since it is a closed area, there will be no cancelation due to weather conditions. It will be a great exercise for everyone.

LOCATION: Fulton Science Academy Private School Gym

To sign-up please visit:



  • Please use the carpool line and do not enter the lobby just to pick up your child.
  • Please observe the no texting and speed limit signs on campus and be aware that the speed limit on Fanfare Way is 25 miles per hour.
  • Plan ahead, early pick up must be before 3 pm. Teachers need to focus on their end of the day procedures with their whole class and cannot be packing up individual students after 3 pm, unless there is a real emergency.
  • Please do not tell your children to meet you outside the main entrance. Our staff are not able to watch your child walk safely to your parked vehicle.
  • Please do not plan on picking up your child during club time, some of which have wait lists. Our clubs are taken very seriously by our coaches and constant interruptions and part time attendance is frowned upon.
  • Do not expect to gain access to a locked classroom for a forgotten item after 3:30 pm, or back into the school after 6 pm.

Thank you for helping make the dismissal process as streamlined as possible for us all.


Parents please remember your student needs to be picked up by 4:30 following clubs to avoid being put in after care and incurring a late flat rate fee of $15. After a late club, such as Science Olympiad, your student should be picked up at 5:30 with the same consequence. After care finishes promptly at 6 pm. This allows our teachers, staff and parent volunteers to go home to their own families.

Useful Information

New Uniform Items available through Landsend.com

New items being offered:
  • Long sleeved polo shirts in red, white or navy, with school logo
  • Raincoat in navy with logo

Go direct to landsend.com and select FSA school, or use this link


Get my kidz shuttle

Our operations team have been reviewing the various requests received. Based on the requests, we are able to add vehicles in the requested areas below as we have over 10 interested parents in each area. With that, we are able to offer a special group rate of $250 flat fee for Fulton Science Academy parents! Below, here are the following areas that we are expanding to.

The special group rate will be for the following areas: Cumming, Suwanee, Duluth, Alpharetta

Please contact Get My Kidz Shuttle at info@getmykidzshuttle.com or 678-357-6797

Our website is www.getmykidzshuttle.com

Year Book Update

To purchase and CUSTOMIZE your yearbook, go to: www.TreeRing.com/validate and enter the FSAPS passcode: 1013541294622699

Even if you do not plan to purchase a yearbook this year, please create an account. You may use the same account every year, and you will be able to share photos online within the FSAPS family (and help contribute pictures to the yearbook!).

If you already have an account, please make sure that it is linked up with this year's yearbook!

We're really excited about this year's Fulton Science Academy Private School yearbook. Why? Because you can add your own photos and memories to your personalized copy. All you have to do is create a free account with TreeRing.

TreeRing is a yearbook publisher that is focused on helping students and parents preserve their memories as much as it's focused on helping schools preserve their history. So, the yearbooks have a more personal touch.

Your book includes two, free pages for you to personalize with your own photos and memories. (The personal pages are totally optional, so if you just want the more traditional yearbook, that's okay, too.)

If you are going to use the personal pages, please have them done by April 4, 2016, so your book includes them.

Fulton Science Academy Private School Yearbook Team

WT Cafe

WTCafe is proud to be the Fulton Science Academy lunch provider!

Wholesome Tummies is a locally owned franchise, providing only the highest quality, freshest lunches.

Our foods are all - natural and never contain any high fructose corn syrup, unnatural trans fats, artificial colors, flavors or added nitrates. The menu is also 100% "nut-free" with offering of gluten-free and vegetarian items.

You can order your all-natural entrees directly from our website at www.WTCAFE.com. Order 36 hours before the meal to get all of the menu options or as late as 8am the same morning for a vegetarian pasta! Entrees are pre-ordered and delivered to school daily in time for lunch. Students can choose 2 sides on site from a variety of fresh, in-season fruits, salads and veggies and a selection of healthy, all-natural snacks.

A Reminder from the clinic

Please do not send your child back to school within a 24 hour period following a fever.

If a student has been absent from school sick they should not come back the same day for clubs or music lessons.


Big image

Please check this website for detailed information and registration to FSA Band and Orchestra Program:


Since we have after school clubs till 4:20pm, the band and orchestra will start at 4:30pm to avoid possible conflicts with academic teams and club studies. Please check actual days and times on the website - http://www.dolceensemble.com


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We have created a Remind account to keep our community informed and up-to-date with what is happening at our school.

By joining FSAPS remind, you will be receiving messages via push notifications, SMS, or e-mail. We recommend SMS option for our families and students.

We will use this tool as an addition to other communication tools we use at our school.

If interested, please click here to follow the instructions.

Fulton Science Academy Private School

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