Nuclear Fusion harnessed!


Nuclear Fusion

My name is Erik Dahlberg and here at Dahlik Laboratories we have discovered how to use nuclear fusion to generate electricity. Nuclear fusion produces energy by fusing two hydrogen atoms into a helium atom, releasing immense amounts of heat and light energy. (This is how the sun produces energy.) Nuclear fission, on the other hand, splits large radioactive Uranium or Thorium atoms to release heat. That heat energy is then used to boil water to power a generator.

Safety Concerns

The only safety concern we've heard is that the reaction may get out of control and explode. While this would be an immense tragedy, we can assure you we've developed control rods, like in nuclear fission, that can be used to slow down or speed up the reaction. We've also developed ways to shield the reactor in case it goes into meltdown so there will be minimal damage. Fusion does not release radiation, so that is not a concern like is it with fission.

Economic Impact

Having nuclear fusion available to produce energy could solve all the world's energy problems. It is expensive, but it produces so much energy that we could completely stop using fossil fuels and go off of nuclear fission and fusion as well as other renewable energy. It would also be possible to develop Hydrogen - fueled cars that only release water as a byproduct instead of carbon dioxide.