Foundations of Innovation

Summer 2016

Professional Development Opportunities...ala Carte!

The ability to be creative and innovative lies within all of us. Foundations of Innovation seeks to prepare teachers for how to take the next steps in reinventing education in their own classroom. The key topics in this professional development series include flexible learning spaces, design thinking, professional learning networks, mindsets and more. How might we grow and learn together, and bring some of these innovations to our own classrooms?

Course Offerings

Foundations of Innovation

School is changing...everyday. What we do with our students today will not, and can not, look the same tomorrow. But how are teachers supposed to keep up with all the ideas, research and methodology that is required of a 21st century learner? This course is really about sparking teachers’ creativity and giving them a renewed passion for education. At a minimum, it will provide a teacher with new ideas and concepts for implementing the following topics: creating a culture of innovation, professional learning networks, flexible learning spaces, design thinking and storytelling. At its full potential...this course will reignite a teacher’s love of learning and inspire a desire to change the world of education.

Foundations of Innovation 2.0

This course will revisit topics from the first course but allow for more hands on creation time. It truly builds on the first course in the series, while allowing for participants to ideate new ideas for their own classrooms and collaborate to get feedback from colleagues. Educational texts such as Teach Like a Pirate, The Innovator's Mindset and Passion Driven Learning are used to ignite group discussion and challenge participants to think differently about their own teaching and learning.

Foundations of Innovation: Boot Camp

These mini sessions will focus on a topic from Foundations of Innovation through the use of exploring "tech and tools". The topic will be introduced, a tech tool will be modeled, followed by time to plan how to use the tool in your classroom. This course is fast paced, hands on and perfect for those past participants that want to keep trying new things in their classroom. Common understandings and language from the first two sessions will help this innovative group of educators collaborate to bring fresh ideas into their learning spaces!

Design Thinking

Curious about Design Thinking and how it can be used in the classroom? This forward thinking pedagogy focuses on giving a process to something teachers do! Design Thinking will prepare your students to be empathic learners, ready to problem solve in ways you've never imagined. In this course, participants will get hands on with the process of Design Thinking. Both rapid cycle Design Challenges and long term projects will be shared, and time will be given to dream up how you can tweak existing classroom projects into Design Challenges...or better yet, come up with something brand new!

Flexible Learning Spaces

"Space is the body language of an organization" (John Wiley & Sons, 2012, Make Space). If that is true, then what does your building or your classroom say about what you believe education should be? Does it support the work of your 21st century learners? In this course, participants will learn about the concept of the Third Teacher and how this can have a huge impact on the students that spend a significant amount of time between those four walls. Challenging your thinking and helping to question your classroom design are highlights of this course. Additionally, participants will look at how to redesign existing spaces and rethink current furniture. No hack saws required but an open mind and Pinterest are key to surviving this redesign of your space!

Project Based Learning

Ready to move beyond the poster and diorama? What is the difference between a great classroom project and project based learning? In this session participants will take a deep dive into the elements that form project based learning. Not only will we review these elements but together, we will create an exemplar project to take back to the classroom. Using collaboration protocols teachers will get feedback on project ideas as well as have the chance to search, find and tweak existing projects to ensure participants leave with projects ready to kick off the new school year! Come with ideas or a blank slate, either way you will walk away ready to tackle project based learning in your own learning space.