StMCS Update

May 23, 2018

Endings & Beginnings

The closing of each school year is always bitter-sweet. It marks the end to unique classroom communities that have bonded and made many memories together. It also marks the beginning of summer, a time of fun, freedom, friends & family! Eventually we repeat the cycle of beginning again, connecting anew, growing further in faith and knowledge, and then parting once more to go our separate ways for a time. The repetitive process of ending the year and beginning again prepares us for the many endings that will inevitably give way to new experiences and new relationships throughout our lives.

Sadly for us, there will be some endings this year that will result in goodbyes of a more permanent kind. We have 5 very special adults who will be moving on to new adventures.

Carol Dorland, Reading Specialist and Former Classroom Teacher, is moving to Hawaii with her family where she hopes to continue her work in education.

Christine (Schneider) Spevacek, 5/6 Science & 8th Gr Religion, recently married and is moving to Illinois, she be a STEAM Teacher at the School of Saint Mary in Lake Forest, IL.

Taylor Hildreth, Para-Professional, is moving to Colorado with her husband Matt, and will continue pursuing her MA degree in education.

John Bonham, Parish Business Administrator, is retiring and moving to his backyard!

Fr. McCabe, Associate Pastor, is moving to the south side of the Archdiocese where he will be working in a clustered parish. He'll have the opportunity to use his Spanish speaking abilities at one Mass every weekend.

Join us for our school Mass on June 1st to help bid them farewell.

Farewell Friends & Faithful Servants: Last School Mass

Friday, June 1st, 7:45am

11300 Frankfort Parkway Northeast

Saint Michael, MN

We will end our academic year as a family of faith with school Mass. Immediately following the liturgy, we will share our best wishes with Mrs. Dorland, Mrs. Spevacek, Mrs. Hildreth, John Bonham and Fr. McCabe. All adult guests are invited and encouraged to stay. There will be an opportunity following our closing comments for you to personally extend a goodbye in the Gathering Space.

New Faces in New Places

Our departing staff are leaving some BIG SHOES to fill! We give thanks to God for opening doors for their new opportunities AND for selecting the right people to move into their positions. As principal, I actively encourage teachers to consider internal changes as tackling a new grade level is both rejuvenating and challenging. As such, we have some exciting internal moves happening!

5/6 Science will be taught by Mrs. Eileen Nygard, current Gr. 2 and soon to be "MLN". Mrs. Nygard will also teach one section of 6th grade Religion.

Grade 8 Religion (formerly taught by Mrs. Spevacek) will be taught by Mrs. Carrie Berning, (7/8 Social Studies). Mrs. Aschenbeck will continue teaching Gr. 8 Religion also.

Grade 2 (2N) will be taught by Miss Elizabeth Mark, current Gr. 4 and soon to be "2M".

Grade 4 (4M) is open and posted. Many high-quality, Catholic teachers have applied!

The Reading Specialist team of Dorland and Bieberly now has a vacancy as Mrs. Dorland leaves. We have a posting up and are receiving great applications.

Parish Business Administrator, John Bonham, will depart in July and his position will be filled by Mr. Dave Ferry. Dave brings a wealth of business experience and a deep love for the parish. Dave and his wife Julie are long-time members of our parish and have sent their children to StMCS.

Associate Pastor, Fr. McCabe, will depart in June and his position will be filled by Fr. Joe Zabinski. Fr. Zabinski served as a summer deacon for our parish in 2015.