Kamryn McNair

St. Croix Island

Airfare Cost & Schedule

For an impelling adventure from Denver, Colorado to St. Croix, a destination in the Virgin Islands, the cost of booking a flight with American Airlines for someone would be about $1021. The time of flying, starting at the departure, is around 22+ hours, with two connecting flights in Dallas Fort Worth and Miami. For this enduring voyage, maybe a couple goodies are in need of response as well.

The overall rate is about $1036.



After a long flight to St. Croix, be sure to book a reservation at The Buccaneer. An excellent resort, one in which many others who have stayed at this beautiful destination would agree on. For only $435 a night if you book a room at The Buccaneer on www.kayak.com

With many activities at the hotel you may even enjoy the sport facility where there is swimming, kayaking, even scuba diving, or just lying on the beach to see one of the most beautiful bays.



Of the many activities in St Croix, The World Ocean School is an exciting school that teaches local students sailing and leadership skills too. All aboard the historic schooner, Roseway. A cruise for anyone willing to learn.

There are many ways to stay active as well, hiking and even boating is available everywhere.


Problems to Anticipate and Solutions Suggested

When traveling, things can't or won't go completely perfect. One of the most common things to happen on a trip, that has happened to me a number of times, is getting sick. Some of the best things to do to avoid getting sick are; washing your hands periodically, getting plenty of vitamin C, and something I have to do when traveling is bringing medication for anything that may happen.

Another problem that can occur while traveling is loosing any kind of identification such as a passport, I.D. sometimes even your wallet can get lost. The advise I received was from Ron Evan del Rosario, a fellow author of a travel advise website (listed below in links). Rosario says to make a photocopy of any travel identification. In this case, he also says to keep photocopies away from original.

If any other problems come up, visit Rosario's website or any other links listed below.

For more information an research click on the following links:


After some time researching St Croix, it has come to be even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. So many great activities are open for enjoyment, or for the nights where some quiet time in your room at The Buccaneer may be all you want. With some excellent tips from all kinds of travelers, a small vacation can turn into big fun.

When you travel to St Croix, you'll never want to come home let alone leave the views.