Table 3 Prosecutors of Law


We lay down the law

Children can't run around undisciplined. We don't need a councaler because we would rather get computers. We should move Carla because she is putting crazy things into our children's minds.

September 29th 2015 at the Jefferson County Board of Education

We will rally against Carla to end with justice and get her removed from our school!

Evidence #1

Carla tried to change a child's religion ,she taught illegal preaching at school. she made them think that being a Zen monk would be more fun.

Evidence #2

Carla talked to a little girl without her parents permission because Colleen wanted to know who to invite to her birthday party.

Evidence #3

Carla said that she wouldn't get mad if some kid bit her in the butt,but she would only ask why they did this but any parent would punish that child
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Classroom Meeting

We are sorry you could not attend the meeting. We videoed it for all to see. Please wait quietly for the video to play.