CSD Board Briefing

12.16.21, Cambrian School District

Superintendent Approved

The Governing Board engaged in a rigorous process for a superintendent to lead our district, and approved the contract for Ms. Kristi Schwiebert as the permanent Superintendent for Cambrian School District. Ms. Schwiebert has successfully served as Cambrian’s Assistant Superintendent of Personnel since 2019 and stepped in to serve as the Acting Superintendent in June of 2021.

Ms. Schwiebert began as Fammatre Elementary’s Principal in 2010. Due to her leadership abilities, she was offered the Principal position at Steindorf K-8 Magnet School, which took effect one year before the school was opened. Ms. Schwiebert was very involved in all decision-making processes with opening the school, classroom layouts and curriculum, to name a few. After four years at Steindorf, she was selected to be Cambrian’s Assistant Superintendent of Personnel.

Ms. Schwiebert received her undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies from Cal Poly, and her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from San Jose State University. She has lived in the Cambrian neighborhood since 2001, raising her family. Ms. Schwiebert is a gifted educational leader, committed to educating the whole child, with deep ties within the Cambrian School District.

Congratulations to Superintendent Schwiebert!

To view the approved employment contract for Superintendent Schwiebert, click here.

Local Control Accountability Plan Board Update Goals 1 and 3: Fammatre and Farnham Elementary Schools and Steindorf STEAM School

Cambrian School District's Local Control Accountability Plan helps define how Cambrian School District promotes high academic achievement for all students and supports a safe school climate, culture, & learning environment so all students can reach their full academic potential. Mrs. Samantha Haley, Fammatre Principal; Mrs. Amy O'Hehir, Farnham Principal; and Ms. Lisa MacFarland, Steindorf Principal, updated the Governing Board of their school sites' Local Control Accountability Plans.

To view Fammatre’s LCAP presentation, please click here.

To view Farnham’s LCAP presentation, please click here.

To view Steindorf’s LCAP presentation, please click here.

Educator Effectiveness Plan

The Governing Board approved the Educator Effectiveness Block Grant Plan for Cambrian School District. California ​​Department of Education has awarded Cambrian School District one-time funding for professional development over a five-year period. On December 7, Cambrian Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Mr. Linh Nguyen provided a summary and an outline of the proposed Educator Effectiveness Plan. The summary included the allowable use of funds, the 10 top Cambrian staff priorities, and the allocation of funds for supporting professional learning for certificated teachers, administrators, paraprofessional educators, and certificated staff.

Total funds we should expect to receive based on staffing from the 2020-21 school year for CSD & Charters: $592,038. The planned use for the funds is as follows:

Big picture

Budget: First Interim Report 2021-22

The Governing Board, having reviewed the First Interim Report, which reveals pertinent financial and budgetary information,

(1) approved the First Interim Report with actual results as of 10-31-21

(2) found that the District will be able to meet its financial obligations through 6-30-22 and two subsequent years, and,

(3) authorized the Board President to certify and file a "positive" financial certification statement with the Santa Clara Office of Education.

Education Code Sections 35015 and 35035 (g) require school district governing boards to certify their district's projected year-end and subsequent years financial condition twice a year. The certification shall be based upon required financial and budgetary reports, cumulatively entitled the "Interim Report".

After reviewing the Interim Report, the County Office of Education can make one of three certification statements. They are: (1) positive certification, meaning the District is and will remain, financially solvent through fiscal year-end and two subsequent years, provided appropriate adjustments are made; (2) qualified certification, meaning that if certain events do or do not occur, the District will not be able to meet its financial obligations; and (3) negative certification, meaning that the District will not be able to meet its financial obligations through fiscal year-end or two subsequent years.

Mr. Steve Corl presented the First Interim Report for 2021-22 for discussion. To view the First Interim Report for 2021-22 presentation, please click here.

To view the multi-year projection for Cambrian School District, please click here.

To view the CSD District certification of interim report for 2021-22, please click here.

Transitional Kindergarten Update

Mr. Linh Nguyen, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, updated the Governing Board on the changes to the Transitional Kindergarten program. The presentation included evaluating TK options based on socio-economics of our Cambrian community, current site enrollment of TK/kindergarten, the number of existing kindergarten classrooms and available site capacity. TK changes would depend on staffing requirements, certification requirements, instructional minutes, funding considerations/limitations and more.

To view a financial analysis of the TK program, click here.

To view the Universal Transitional Kindergarten presentation, please click here.

Postponed until 1.20.22: Measure R: Portable Replacement Project for Fammatre, Farnham, and Sartorette

On August 5, 2021, the Board authorized to move forward with Measure R Tier I projects; Phase 2 & 3 Modernizations which includes replacement of the oldest portables located at Fammatre, Farnham, Sartorette, and Price. Although it was on the agenda for the 12.16.21 meeting, the Board and staff postponed their discussion regarding the future placement for the new portables at Fammatre, Farnham, and Sartorette and at the January 20, 2022 meeting.

Board Calendar for 2022-23

The Board approved its meeting dates for the calendar year. The Board meets the first and third Thursday of each month excluding July and months where the schools are closed during the first or third week of the month. The only change to the new calendar from the proposed calendar was to omit the asterisk on the December 8, 2022 meeting, which indicated the meeting was tentative. It will now be part of the calendar. To view the Board calendar for the 2022-23 year, please click here.

Board Warrant List Approved

As part of the Consent Agenda, the Governing Board approved the November, 2021 Warrant List, totaling $1,229,463.21.

To view the Warrant List for November 2021, please click here.

Election of Board Officers

The Governing Board elected Mrs. Carol Presunka as the President of the Cambrian School Board for the year 2022. Ms. Janet Gillis was elected Vice President of the Governing Board, and Mr. Donald Rocha was elected Board Clerk. To view Board Policy regarding Board officers, please click here.

Election of a Representative to the Santa Clara County Committee for School District Organization

The Governing Board elected Mrs. Carol Presunka to serve as the Representative to the Santa Clara County Committee for School District Organization in 2022.

Next Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Cambrian School Board will be held Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 7 p.m. Meetings are held in person at the Professional Development Center located at 4115 Jacksol Drive, San Jose 95124 in Building 7, and can be viewed online as well. Agenda and login information will be available the week of the December 2nd meeting. The meeting is open to the public.