Will you train to help your country!?

Which State produces the most Navy SEALS?

Connecticut so far has made the most Navy SEALS of any state! Each state has nearly made as much as this state.

Mechanical or civil engineering would be the best type of collage

Plus courses in history, psychology, and sociology. Are the most recommended type of collages to try to become a Navy SEAL! Navy SEALS must have superior training before going into any real action. To try out for a SEAL you must be in the Navy for 6 months! Navy SEALS Training are the toughest of all the services! You must lift logs, hold your breath under water, go over specific obstacles to work out your lower body. You name it! They do it! SEALS must have great training for shooting and for close combat. Navy SEALS are the people you call to get the job done. Navy SEALS go into combat after the Marines, Army, and Air-force can't take care of the enemy. This is because Navy SEALS are trained to there limit. As you can see these are some facts about Navy SEALS.