Type 1 Diabetes

The life of a Diabetic!


It is very important that you balance your insulin doses with the food you eat, and the activities you do. Even if it is just things around the house, you might also want to plan ahead and know your bodies typical blood glucose response to exercise to help your blood glucose levels from going to high or low.

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Everything You Need To Know

Role of Monitering your Blood Levels

It is important to monitor your blood sugars every once and awhile so you don't start a hard activity like a soccer game when you have low blood sugars, because then your at high risk of fainting or throwing up.

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Recommdentions for Exercise and Life Style Choices

If your blood glucose are trending down during or before a exercise, have a little snack for a burst of energy, always carry a carbohydrate food or drink that will quickly raise your blood glucose.

How Staying Fit Relates to Keeping Diabetes in Control

Exercise makes it easier to control your blood glucose levels. It increases your insulin sensitivity, after exercise, your body doesn't need as much insulin to process carbohydrates.