A Child's Place Foundation

By Alison Rasmusson and Amani Abdelhadi


A Child’s Place is a charity for homeless children. This charity is very successful in what they are trying to accomplish, which is to erase the impact on homeless children and their loss of education. These volunteers are working very hard to make these kids feel as if they have parents again. Over the past few years, they have made over 10,000 dollars for the children. They have fundraisers for the children so they can also make money. Last but certainly not least, they taught 50% of their children at A Child’s Place to read and write.

Mission Statement

A Child's place has a statement which is to help homeless and poor children to get the same education and opportunities as most children that are wealthy. "Founded in 1989, A Child's Place (ACP) works to erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education. Our purpose is to enable client homeless children to have the same educational opportunities and advantages as other children."

What is the issue your chosen charity support?

The issue that our charity, “A Child’s Place”, supports is poverty with children. Poverty is children without homes, and they are trying to raise money in order for the children to have homes again. From the world bank, “the number of people living in extreme poverty dropped from 40 percent of the world’s population in 1981.” (Barber, Nicola, 9) These situations are for people who get at least a dollar a day or less. Poverty doesn’t just affect Americans, it affects all races. According to the book Poverty in America: Cause or Effect?, it states : “Poverty has cut across all racial and ethnic, although some groups have higher rates than others.” (20)

It also states the percents of some races’ poverty level. “ 12.6 percent of all Americans, 8.3 percent of Non - Hispanic Whites, 24.9 of Blacks, and 21.8 percent of Hispanic” (20) .

Poverty affects both men and women. For example, Women can go to labor more likely than 20 years ago from now. Men can either not have a job, lose a job or not have enough money from the job. This can occur at the ages 20 to 54. Poverty also affects children as well. Because children that are homeless live in unstable conditions, they have problems such as pay-by-week motels that are doubled up or tripled up and living in cars. Because of these issues, people are experiencing that these children are: Hungry twice as more as often as other children, sick at least four times more often, two or three grade levels behind or likely to repeat a grade, experience emotional and behaving problems more than their housed pets and graduation for the homelessness are below 25%.

What does your chosen charity do for the community?

What our chosen charity does for the community is that it helps homeless children have more experiences as children that have homes and money. What this means is that they are working to erase the impact on homeless children because these children are confused, lonely, and very sad. Here is their mission Statement.

“ Most of our client families are working poor, and virtually all of them live well below the poverty line. For them, homelessness is not a way of life, but a time in their lives. By minimizing the impact of this difficult time on the academic progress of children. (A Child's Place. )

The whole reason to start this Charity was to help the Homeless children feel happy and trusted again. They need to raise money for the children in order to allow them to move back to homes.This place is located in “North Carolina, on 601 East 5th Street.” The adults that work there have very nice relationships with the children there. “Some kids are saying that they can't trust people to tell them what they are going through. But when they are in A Child’s Place, they can trust the people that work there. ‘’A Child’s Place Video” That really means a lot to the kids that people will come all day to a Child’s Place just to spend time with them. They hold lots of Charities for the children to help raise money. They do golf tournaments with professionals to help raise money for the kids. They hold treasure hunts. And much more. They will hold more events in the year 2016 as well. What we are trying to explain is that there are many places out there to help homeless kids. If you know someone that is homeless, send them to A Child’s Place. They help the community by making the kids happy and making their parents happy who can’t afford to keep their children anymore. (About A Child's Place.)

How did the organization begin and grow into what it is now?

The organization began and still grows in Charlotte, North Carolina. The founder of the organization “A Child’s Place” is Dalia Ballester, who is also president of the organization as well. A Child’s Place, also known as ACP’s purpose is to “enable homelessness children to have the same educational opportunities and advantages as other children.” (A Child's Place.) The organization was inspired when a group of women noticed children playing during school hours in Settlers Cemetery. When the group of women had asked why they weren’t in school, they replied that “they were not allowed to enroll in school without a permanent address.” (About A Child's Place.) That’s when the women made an idea of opening a school for homelessness children, which was provided by the Presbyterian Church. They assigned the school with a teacher from CMS, and from there it was called “A Child’s Place.” ACP’s mission had worked very well, since they shifted homeless children enrolling in public schools. Their service has been “substantially expanded with its service capacity during the 2013-2014 school year, ACP has helped 2,843 homeless children.” (About A Child's Place.)

How effective has your chosen charity been in reaching its goals?

How effective this charity has been is very successful. “They have a four star rating on their google web site. Their score rating out of 100 is 90.69.” That is a very close call. What they do for the kids is give them gifts, contributions, and try to give them grants from the kids. They give grants because they want to try to give kids what they want as best as they can. They will give them toys, food, clothes, water, ETC. Finally,... “They have made over $10,000 dollars for the kids to help them” Page 2 of Poverty In America. All of their money they receive goes to the Charity for the kids. That was the most they have ever made since they have been working at a Child’s Place. This Charity for Homeless kids has really been a great success for the children and for the people who work there because they have really made an impact on the kids and themselves. I bet they have inspired a lot of people to come and volunteer at A Child’s Place. I really hope that I can donate things to a child’s Place when i get older so I can make an Impact on kids and other people.

Call to action

If you want to learn more about this organization and how to be involved, go to http://www.achildsplace.org to donate or to be a apart of ending poverty. How this works is when you go to the website, click on "Make a difference" and there it will explain how to actually make a difference. Help stop poverty before it expands!

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