John Deere Tractors Are The Best

John Deere every day



The green tractor

Saw going by

Was working in the feild.



hard work

Lifting steering pushing

Fun happy exciting stressful

Farming lovely

Free verse

How is an engine made

How do you take out the valve steam in a tire

How will I die

How much money will I make in my life time



F:farming is awesome

U:umbrellas keep me dry

N:normal is not me

Journal 51 / I wonder

I wonder how I will die. Well I get shot. Will I die in my sleep?

I wonder if I will get a tractor soon. Will it be green? How big will it be?

I wonder who I will marry. Will she be over Saturday? Will she be blonde?

I wonder what my first truck will be. Will it be GMC? How much power will it have?

I wonder when I will get an iPhone 7. When will it come out? How much will it cost?

I wonder why I'd like John Deere. When did my grandpa switch to John Deere? Did my dad grow up at John Deere?

I wonder

Journal 52

I wish I had $900 trillion.

I wish I had a brand-new GMC pick up.

I wish I had a tractor.

I wish I was a millionaire.

I wish I add everything I need to be a successful farmer.

I used to have a tractor now I don't.

You better give me one

I used to be 12 now I am 13.

You better give me a birthday present.

I used to not have a dirt bike now I do.

You better give me a bigger one.

I used to have a Kindle now I don't.

You better get me an iPad.

I used to not have a phone now I do.

You better get me an Apple gift card.

What I say to my dad before I go work ground



What Cole said to his dad after he got done working ground

I am done dad

Cole drove tractor

Dad said he wasn't a slacker

Cole said thank you

His dad said go clean up that goo

Elvis Presley

Likes celery

His diet

Caused a riot

Farm talk

What's the 4 inch soil temperature

How much rain did you get

How deep is the corn you planted last week

Go grab the tractor

What is the population you planted

How many bushels to the acre did you get

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