My Name is Stephanie

Just because those names are said, doesnt make them true.

What I'm Like

I'm a very happy person most of the time. Most names I could care less about. But when they come from a dear friend, it hurts bad. I feel like people are turning on me. TOO MUCH DRAMA!! I'm very crafty and creative! :) I don't care if you are tall, short, gay, straight, fat, skinny, or anything else. If you are nice to me, I'm nice to you. Well thats it I guess. Stay awesome! :)


I'm a big fan of anime. From Fruits Baskets to Naruto. I would really reccomend to try watching it sometime. :)

More about who I am

My Intrests: Shopping, money, cleaning, designing, and drawing.

My skills: Making people happier, Helping, and being a loyal friend.

My self-esteem is pretty low but my friends are helping me get it back up. When I'm down, they cheer me up... When I'm feeling worthless, they tell me that I'm worth everything in the world to them. They may not know it but they are very special to me. I'm not gonna lose them!

My learning style is more hands on. I don't enjoy sitting and getting lectured about one topic. I'd rather make scupltures and model figures. :)

I'd like to be an interior designer. If I wanna get there, I need to get some stuff DONE! Haha. When concidering a career, you should always check the pay and the hours you have to work, What kind of costumers you have to work wth and where your work is located.

My Career As A....

Interior designer!! :D YAY!

Being an Interior Designer

Being an interior designer can be pretty hard concidering the fact that most costumers are very picky about their environment. Interior designers help plan out rooms and design how to build them and what furniture should go where. $46,280 per year and $22.25 per hour is their median salary. :) Their job outlook is about 19%. Interior designers are in the Architecture and Construction cluster. They don't usually work normal business hours because they take people who make appointments. What would be the meaning of sitting in an office all day? I mean really.... Their work environment is an office. They have a staff, an office, a computer, papers, and a phone. They would be like any other designer. Something interesting about them is that they can customize a home that best fits the customer's personality.

How do I get there?

To get to where I want to be in life, I have to get my math grades up, I have to go to college, and I have to be successful. I would like to go to a college of design. I want to go to New York School of Interior Design. They have classes made for interior designers. I think that if I go there, I'd be very sucessful in life, and that is something I'd very much enjoy. I'd choose this college because they specificly teach interior design. It's far from home but it doesn't matter. Id go back and vist on holidays. The most education you need to be an interior designer is an associates degree or a bachlor's degree. Scholarship I'd like to qualify for would be the Ruth Burt Scholarship because I'm very creative and I promise to do my best on anything that I have to work for.