Brigid O'Malley Naples

Director of Communications

The senses and Brigid O’Malley of Naples

Brigid O’Malley Naples had at one point been employed by the US Census Bureau which had been a job that she accepted as a crew leader. She was employed by the United States Department of Commerce for three years. She had spent her time working as a crew leader until she had found out that there were positions as assistant managers recruiting, she had already taken the offer of a team leader. She admired the idea of being a recruiter and accepting the responsibilities. She had taken pride in the work that she had done with the Census Bureau as she felt she was carrying out a duty for citizens of the United States. At one point she had been promoted through her hard work and efforts to a manager of recruiters. At one point she had a team of around crew and was in charge department she was also considered a leader at one of the call centers for the U.S. Census. Her hard efforts were not left unnoticed. Her ability to lead and accessible in hiring some 12,000 employees had been the result of her mastered skills in communications. She always felt that it was key and elemental for leader to be able to communicate effectively and successfully to employees.

Brigid had made her mark as a top manager with the US Census Bureau. She had received many compliments from upper management. Her success only be seen as possible due to her knowledge gained through her previous successes as a professional communications.