Educational T.V. is Awesome!

By: Kyle A.

Television really does have real educational value

  • History Channel supports American History by putting it on T.V.
  • On live T.V., the television broadcasters will ask you a question about our history
  • The educational television that is being broadcasted will charge you mind of wisdom

Watching educational television will improve children's grades

  • Children will improve their grades by watching educational television
  • Parents believe that children will improve their C-'s to A+'s
  • Most people wonder if SpongeBob entertains or educates, and the answer is both

Debating is what's going on with T.V.

  • It has been said that PBS Kids and History Channel are debating on which is more educational for kids
  • Kids from ages 10 to 14 will approve History Channel instead PBS kids for the children of age 2 to 6
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